Forest Plan Documents


The Forest Plan guides the Santa Fe National Forest in fulfilling its stewardship responsibilities to best meet the current and future needs of the American people. The draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) and revised draft land management plan (Draft Forest Plan) are now available on our website for public review.


The Notice of Availability (NOA) has been published in the Federal Register beginning an Official 90-day comment period focused on the content of the Draft Land Management Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (links below). This official comment period closed on November 7, 2019.

How to Comment

Geographical Area Boundary Files of the Santa Fe National Forest


Forest Plan & Amendments

1987 Forest Plan Environmental Impact Statement

  • Look here for planning documents that guide how the Santa Fe National Forest is managed.  The current Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) was written in 1987 and has had several amendments.



The following documents are introductory fact sheets that provide information on what Forest Plan Revision is, why we are doing it, and where we currently are in the process.  They are available in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, which requires the free viewer.

Forest Plan Revision Primer

Forest Plan Revision 101

Revisión del Plan Forestal 101

Forest Plan Revision Phase I:  The Assessment


Past Documents Available:


The Carson, Cibola, and Santa Fe National Forests have common traditional communities and practices and have coordinated with each other in an effort to make these sections identical across all three forest’s plans. Here are sections pulled from the Carson’s publicly available Preliminary Draft Proposed Plan which you can review. These updated plan components are for three sections of our plan: 1) Traditional Communities and Uses, with subsection on Tribal and Rural Historic communities and including the narratives; 2) Rangelands and Livestock Grazing; and 3) Forestry and Forest Products. We hope that you will see our commitment to the social, cultural, and ecological needs of traditional New Mexico communities within this work.


Initial Plan Components and Draft Wilderness Evaluation Maps

Wilderness Draft Inventory Maps

Below are Draft Inventory Maps, Step 1 in a four-step process to identify and evaluate lands that may or may not be suitable for inclusion in the National Wilderness Preservation System as part of Forest Plan Revision. This Draft Inventory generally excludes areas with public roads, the most noticeable man-made improvements, and stand-alone areas considered too small to manage as Wilderness. Once finalized, the Inventory will be evaluated for Wilderness characteristics (Step 2) and analyzed for impacts of potential designation (Step 3) prior to any potential recommendation to Congress (Step 4). There will be additional public meetings to gain input during evaluation (Step 2).

Comments on this map are most helpful before August 15, 2016. Email or mail to: Forest Plan Revision, Santa Fe National Forest, 11 Forest Lane, Santa Fe, NM 87508.

Comment Form for Use with Draft Inventory Maps.


Public Comments on Wilderness Inventory and Evaluation Criteria (July 2016)


Final Assessment

The Final Assessment was released in June 2016. It was used to inform the Need For Change statements which will help guide Phase II (Plan Development) of the Forest Plan Revision Process. At-risk species were identified during the development of the final assessment. Process and justification for the selection of these species is provided below.

Final Assessment Volume 1. (Ecological Resources)

Final Assessment Volume 2. (Socioeconomic Report)

Approval of Initial list of SCC (Species of Conservation Concern)

Findings from the Assessment: Twelve Focus Areas and Need for Change Statements (A summary of the Final Assessment)


Need for Change Meetings

Need-for-Change Summary

The Need for Change meetings occured in Fall 2015 and used the following documents:

Need for Change Worksheet

Plan Components

Findings from the Draft Assessment: Twelve Focus Areas and Preliminary Need for Change Statements (A summary of the Draft Assessment)



Public Notice of Intent in the Federal Register

  • This was published on June 30, 2016 and initiated a formal scoping period and Phase II of the plan revision process, as we start to develop the revised Forest Plan.  A correction was published in the Federal Register on 7/12/16.

Public Notice of Assessment in Newspaper of Record

  • This is the legal notice published in the online edition of the Albuquerque Journal on March 6, 2014, to inform the public about the start of the first phase of Forest Plan Revision, the Assessment phase.

Public Notice of Assessment in Federal Register

  • This is the legal notice to initiate the Assessment phase of Forest Plan Revision for the Santa Fe National Forest, published on March 6, 2014.

Laws and regulations for Forest Service management

Forest Service Directives

Key laws and regulations that protect historical, cultural, and archeological resources