SWJM Landscape Restoration Contacts

Lead Partners

The Southwest Jemez Mountains Restoration Project is a collaborative partnership effort led by the Santa Fe National Forest, Valles Caldera National Preserve, The Nature Conservancy, New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute and others. Email comments/questions about this effort.

Restoration Planning Leaders
Name Agency Telephone
Joe Norrell Santa Fe National Forest (505) 438-5443
Jon Williams Santa Fe National Forest (505) 438-5430
Brian Riley Santa Fe National Forest (575) 829-3535
Bob Parmenter Valles Caldera National Preserve (575) 829-4850
Anne Bradley The Nature Conservancy (505) 988-1542
Kent Reid NM Forest & Watershed Institute (505) 426-2145
Eytan Krasilovsky Forest Guild (505) 983-8992

Please contact the managers or specialists listed below for more information. They will be able to assist or direct you to the appropriate specialist to meet your needs. You may also stop in at the following Forest Service offices:

Jemez Ranger District
051 Woodsy Lane, PO Box 150
Jemez Springs, NM 87025
Phone: 505-829-3535

Santa Fe National Forest Supervisor's Office
11 Forest Lane, Santa Fe, NM  87508
Phone: 505-438-5300
Email: jemezrestor@usda.gov

Forest Service Contact Information for the Project

Here are the names and specialties for restoration planning leaders most familiar with this effort (updated  January 2015).

Forest Service Restoration Team Members
Name Agency Telephone
Joe Norrell Deputy Forest Supervisor (505) 438-5311
Brian Riley Jemez District Ranger (575) 829-3535
Karl Buermeyer Restoration Implementation (575) 829-3535
Sue Harrelson Forest Monitoring Coordinator (575) 829-3535
Jon Williams Ecosystems Management Staff Officer (505) 438-5430
Peter Taylor Heritage Resources Lead (575) 829-3535
Bill Armstrong Fire/Fuels Lead (505) 438-5434
Julie Luetzelschwab Geographic Information Systems (505) 438-5460

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