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Adobe pdf files are viewable within Netscape and Internet Explorer windows. An additional toolbar is provided within the window, and an example can be seen in the image on the right.

This toolbar contains buttons for navigating and controlling the viewing of the pdf file. This means you can zoom in and out, pan around the image, search for text, and use bookmarks to jump to specific sections. Below you will find the buttons highlighted that are useful for navigating and searching the document.

If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, or would like the newest version, you can download it here. - version 6.0 is 8.6 MB

Acrobat Screenshot

>> Adobe Acrobat Reader Toolbar Explained

(Note: newer versions may slightly vary from images shown)


Definitions of individual icons in the toolbar

save icon Save icon: Used to save a copy of the file you are viewing to your hard drive
printer icon Printer icon is used to print the document.
navigation pane icon Show/Hide Navigation Pane icon: Use this button if you would prefer not to see the Index along the left-hand side. Click it once to remove the Navigation (index), click it again to bring it back.
pan icon Pan icon: Use this button to pan around the document. Once selected, your pointer becomes a hand. Click and hold down the hand pointer anywhere on the document and drag the mouse to pan around.
zoom icon Zoom-In/Out Tool icon: Click this tool and you'll have a magnifying glass which when clicked on the document will cause it to magnify. To zoom out, you can hold down Ctrl > Shift and click the document again (now the tool will show a - minus sign rather than a plus), or click the zoom-in icon and hold until submenu shows which contains the zoomout icon as well.
It is also possible to use the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to control the zoom of the view. The small arrow beside the 99% in this example will display a dropdown menu of many sizes. Click the value you wish to zoom to (usually 100%). This toolbar also tells you what page number you are on (1 of 20 in this instance), and back/forward page buttons as well.
Go to First Page of the document.
Go to Last Page of the document
Back one page or Forward one page (or use the Page Up and Page Down buttons on your keyboard).
Go to previous view / next view (use to go back and forth between view settings)
Jump to preset view icons: They are Full Size, Fit in Window and Fit in Width. Play with these to see how they appear on your screen.
Rotate View icons: Use to rotate the document clockwise or counterclockwise. Use to view rotated tables or landscape view portions of a document.
Find and Find again icon: Click and enter text to search for in the document; Click the find again to go to the next occurence in the document.
page view menu

Another useful configuration is the view setting for page viewing. It is possible to view 1 page at a time (Single Page) that will jump from page to page when necessary, or have the document scroll as one continuous document page upon page (Continuous). Continuous-Facing shows multiple pages at a time at a reduced view that can be scrolled continuously.

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