SWJM CFRP Partners

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Our forest is treasured for the wide range of benefits it provides.  The ecosystem functions as a whole irrespective of administrative or land ownership boundaries.  We must, therefore, also work in this broad and dynamic manner.

The SWJM Collaborative Landscape Restoration Project centers around collaboration and community in creating a shared vision for stewardship that will sustain our forests into the future. 

By working collaboratively, the SWJM CLRP hopes to balance economic, cultural, social, and ecological values while improving the health of the ecosystem.

Over 40 stakholder groups helped develop the forest landscape restoration strategy (list of planning partners)

The lead participants in the SWJM CLRP include the following:

Key Contacts

  • For Schedule of Proposed Actions:

    Sandra Imler-Jacquez
    Environmental Coordinator
    Tel: 505-438-5443
    E-mail Sandra
  • For the Southwest Jemez Mountains Landscape Restoration Project:

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Partnerships are key to better resource management.