SWJM Restoration Objectives


hands pointing on a topo map


The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis for the SWJM Collaborative Landscape Restoration Project culminated in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and the Final Record of Decision (ROD).

The EIS outlines a variety of projects that will mechanically thin approximately 30,000 acres on the Santa Fe NF and 21,000 acres on the Valles Caldera National Preserve and conduct prescribed burns on about 77,000 acres on the Santa Fe NF and 50,000 acres on the Valles Caldera.  The ROD outlines the goals and objectives for the project:

  • Mechanically treat approximately 30,000 acres of ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forest

  • Use prescribed fire on approximately 77,000 acres

  • Allocate 20 percent of ponderosa pine and 20 percent of dry mixed conifer vegetation types as old growth

  • Create and maintain aspen stands

  • Restore and revegetate riparian areas by planting native vegetation, stabilizing streambanks, and building exclosures to restrict impacts from grazing ungulates

  • Protect and improve water flow from seeps and springs by removing competing vegetation

  • Control nonnative and invasive plants using methods other than herbicides

  • Protect cultural resources by treating vegetation and controlling erosion

  • Improve riparian and aquatic wildlife habitat by installing instream structures

  • Close and revegetate degraded campsites

  • Decommission up to 114 miles of roads, including 14 miles added by WildEarth Guardians as part of the objection resolution process

The annual All Hands meetings in the spring highlight implementation activities and how they are meeting restoration goals and objectives.  Resource specialists and partners share monitoring data, which helps determine if restoration goals and objectives are being met.