Science and Monitoring

Fire Behavior and Ecological Restoration

As part of its fire research, this Forest Service video captures footage of actual wildfires in progress. By employing specially designed heat resistant camera boxes, the agency has been able to document surprising fire behavior.


Nature Helping Nature:  Conservation Canines (The Nature Conservancy)

A team of four-legged researchers sniff out critical conservation data to help New Mexico's forests adapt to a changing climate.


Archeological Site Protection

This video provides information on the impacts of fire to heritage sites, and how restoration work will mitigate fire damage.

SWJM CFLR Monitoring Portal

The Southwest Jemez Mountains (SWJM) monitoring project is implementing a wide variety of coordinated and integrated treatments, including forest thinning, prescribed fire, management of natural fires, road closures and rehabilitation, riparian zone restoration projects, and fisheries and wildlife habitat improvement projects. The majority of the projects will take place in ponderosa pine and mixed conifer forest types that dominate this landscape. Are these treatments meeting the landscape restoration goals and objectives?   Read More

Key Contacts

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