Travel Management

Did you know that the rules regarding motor vehicle travel on Santa Fe National Forest have changed? Be sure you know before you go! Please remember to stay on designated roads and trails.

The Motor Vehicle Use Map is the key to understanding each district's motorized transportation system and can be used in conjunction with the Santa Fe National Forest visitor map. Use the Motor Vehicle Use Map on the Forest to determine what roads are open and how far you are allowed to drive off of the road. 

We have implemented the Travel Management Rule which requires all national forests and grasslands to designate a system of roads, trails and areas for motorized use, and to prohibit all motor vehicle use off the designated system. The Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) are now available.

The Santa Fe National Forest has five ranger districts:

  1. Coyote
  2. Cuba
  3. Jemez
  4. Pecos/Las Vegas
  5. Espanola

Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM)

There are three MVUMs covering the districts. The maps are free and are available now. The legally binding version of these maps is the paper version. Maps are also available for free at all of the Santa Fe National Forest offices.

  1. East (3MB PDF)
  2. Northwest (3MB PDF)
  3. Southwest (3MB PDF)

MVUM map details: 

  • which routes (both roads and trails) are open to motor vehicle travel
  • what type of vehicle they are open to
  • what season they are open. 
  • A new map will be published every year.

Some travel aids/maps (for some Smartphones and GPS units ) are available to help you make sure you know which routes are open to motorized use.

Travel conditions can change due to weather or fire

 Designated roads are subject to wet weather or winter road closures, or may be temporarily closed due to seasonal conditions, project related work, emergency activities, or firefighting operations. Roads designated on the MVUMs are available for motorized use as depicted except when posted as being unsuitable for use due to wet conditions or other administrative or public safety needs. Winter weather closures generally occur in higher elevations starting with the first substantial snowfall in December and can last until April.

​Please check the Santa Fe National Forest Alerts page for the latest information.

Rules and regulations

The East side map shown here is an accurate representation of the paper map. To understand all the rules and regulations applying to the west side of the forest, please read the text in both the Northwest and Southwest versions presented electronically here. Alternately, please visit a Forest Service office to obtain a paper copy for the West side. If you need assistance accessing the information please contact us.

New Mexico map showing the motor vehicle use map locations

Travel Analysis Report (TAR)

A comprehensive examination of the network of SFNF roads and trails that provided the foundation for designating roads and trails for public motorized use (36 CFR, Part 202, Subpart A).

Key Contacts

  • For Schedule of Proposed Actions:

    Sandra Imler-Jacquez
    Environmental Coordinator
  • For the Southwest Jemez Mountains Landscape Restoration Project:

    Karl Buermeyer
    Implementation Lead