Fire Management

Wildland Fire Information & Fire Restrictions

Fire Restrictions Hotline: 877-971-FIRE (3473)

InciWeb- Where you can find information about wildland fires across the United States

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Current Wildland Fire Map & Information: National Fire Situational Awareness

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)- Drones

If you plan to fly your remote controlled plane, quadcopter, or other unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)—commonly called "drones"—on or over the Santa Fe National Forest, there are a few things to know before you fly. Whether you fly for work or fun, no matter how big or small your aircraft is, you are required to follow Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidance. The FAA is the authority that regulates airspace and flights. More

Prescribed Fire

Our forests are changing. Where we once had open stands of ponderosa pine with grass growing underneath, we now have dense, overstocked stands of spindly little trees. More

Fire Suppression

Fire detection, dispatch and fire suppression are integral to any fire management program. The Santa Fe National Forest has 4 fire lookouts who assist in the detection of fires. More

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is a combination of understanding human behavior, communicating information, educating, utilizing vegetation management techniques, enforcing laws and regulations and basic common sense. More

Santa Fe Hotshots

The Santa Fe Hotshots are a group of highly-skilled firefighters specially trained in wildland fire management. More

Santa Fe Helitack

Founded in 2001, the Santa Fe Helitack is an interagency wildland fire crew that provides operations and aviation support to wildland fire within its response area.  Staffed by US Forest Service and National Park Service employees, Santa Fe Helitack has a Type-3 helicopter and a crew of 8 to 10.  In addition to fire suppression, Santa Fe Helitack provides support for prescribed fire and other project work. More

Fire Ecology

Fire ecology is the study of how fire interacts with living things and their environment. More

Wildland Urban Interface

Today's fire environment is changing. As more and more people move into and near wildland areas, the risk of wildland fire increases. More

Friend or Foe

Fire is one of the most powerful forces of nature. While fire can be devastating and frightening, it is also essential for a healthy ecosystem. Is fire our friend or our foe? More

Old Flames Revisited

Data collected during fires like those which burned in Yellowstone opened new avenues of research and helped to build a knowledge base of predicting extreme fire behavior. More

Fire Safety

Safety tips for building and putting out a campfire. More

Forest Restoration and Fuels Management

Video series of fire in the Southwest. More