Recreation Fee Proposal

Santa Fe National Forest Proposed Fee Changes


Why change fees?

The Santa Fe National Forest is working to make developed recreation sites more sustainable. The fee changes are one strategy in a larger sustainable recreation effort. Potential fee changes would:

  • Continue to provide amenities and services without closing sites or using concessionaires
  • Preserve investments
  • Protect resources
  • Make fees consistent across the Forest


What is Developed Recreation?

There are about 100 developed recreation sites across the Santa Fe NF. These areas have facilities and infrastructure. Fees are currently charged at 28 sites.


Fee-Free Access to the Santa Fe National Forest

  • Outside of developed recreation sites, the Santa Fe NF will remain almost completely free of fees

  • Many developed recreation sites, including trailheads, on the Santa Fe NFwould remainfree (and your opinion will help determine which sites remain free of fees)

  • The Santa Fe NF offers a variety of fee-free days


A few facts about fees…

  • The 2004 Federal Lands Recreation Act (REA) authorizes the ForestService to chargefees.

  • 95% of fees collectedand passes sold remain on the Santa Fe NF for operations, maintenance, and facility replacement.

  • The Santa Fe NF currently has 28 fee sites. Most are campgrounds and day-use areas.

  • The Santa Fe NF has not changed fees in over a decade.


Initial proposal is:

The Santa Fe NF may increase fees at some sites and begin charging fees at other sites

Type of Fee

Current Price

Proposed Price

Day Use






Group Sites




What is the timeline?

  • Develop fee proposal with public input over the summer of 2018.
  • Public meetings in the fall of 2018.
  • New and increased fees would be implemented no earlier than 2019.


We need your written input by December 1, 2018

Comment by email ( or write a letter to the Santa Fe National Forest, 11 Forest Lane, Santa Fe, NM 87508, Attn: Recreation


For more information, you can also call the front desk at the Santa Fe National Forest Supervisor's Office (505) 438-5300