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Julie Thomas

May 7, 2018





JEROME, Idaho - Personal use fuelwood permits for the Sawtooth National Forest are changing to reflect new minimum

permit requirements as well as a cost reduction.


Fuelwood permits have been reduced to $6.25 per cord with a 4-cord minimum and a 10-cord maximum per household.

Two reasons are driving the change; aligning the overall price of the fuelwood to be closer with other National Forests

 In southern Idaho and to help remove the fuel load since woodcutting is limited to dead trees.


Permits will be available at Sawtooth National Forest Ranger District offices, the Sawtooth Supervisor’s Office at 370

American Ave., Jerome, Idaho and private vendors in southern Idaho (see attached list). 


Please note that we can no longer sell permits of only 2 cords.  If you want all 10 cords, permit purchases will need to be

Purchased; 5 cords and 5 cords, or 4 cords and 6 cords or all 10 cords at once.


The 2018 fuelwood season for the Sawtooth National Forest is May 15, through Nov. 30, 2018. 


Cutting fuelwood within a closure area is prohibited. Check on the Alerts & Notices pages of Forest websites for closure information.


“Please check this year’s fuelwood brochure and current Motor Vehicle Use Maps to make sure you are cutting in

an area open to fuelwood gathering and pay special attention to closed areas and roads with restoration

activities,” said Sawtooth National Forest Timber Program Manager, Scott Wagner. “Remember the forest has

regulations prohibiting the cutting of dead or living whitebark pine trees which are declining and are critically

important to several wildlife species.”


Fuelwood permits are valid within the Boise, Payette and Sawtooth Forests. All motorized travel related to fuelwood gathering must be in full accordance with Forest Service travel regulations for the area as shown in the Motor Vehicle

Use Map (MVUM), unless specifically exempted in the fuelwood permit.


Once the snow melts, permit holders are encouraged to cut fuelwood early in the year because fire restrictions

may impact the cutting season later in the summer. Early season fuelwood cutters are asked to use caution,

avoiding wet muddy roads, where travel may cause resource damage. Fuelwood cutting is not allowed within

riparian areas (adjacent to creeks and rivers).


Regulations for each forest are available when permits are issued. For additional information, contact the local

Ranger District offices, or Forest websites. Check with forest vendors for weekend hours.


Sawtooth National Forest Vendors:

Rock Creek General Store, Hansen                                         208-423-5659

Hansen Quick Stop & Go, Hansen                                          208-423-9900

Camas Creek Country Store, Fairfield                                    208-764-2211

Lower Stanley Country Store                                                  208-774-3566




Sawtooth NF Ranger District Offices:

Minidoka RD                                                                          208-678-0430

Ketchum RD                                                                           208-622-5371

Fairfield RD                                                                            208-764-3202

Sawtooth National Recreation Area                                        208-727-5013

Stanley RD                                                                               208-774-3000

Sawtooth Supervisor’s Office                                                   208-423-7500




For additional information about the Sawtooth National Forest call 208-737-3200 or visit the Sawtooth National Forest website at and like us on Facebook at.






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