Sawtooth National Forest Prepares Recreation Facilities for Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

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Sawtooth National Forest Prepares Recreation Facilities for Memorial Day Holiday Weekend


TWIN FALLS, ID. . . .The Sawtooth National Forest would like to encourage everyone to get out this Memorial Day weekend and enjoy your National Forest. People planning on recreating on the Sawtooth National Forest over the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend will find a number of facilities open and operating, however due to the lingering snowpack at the higher elevations a number of roads and trails will be closed. We would like to remind visitors to avoid driving or riding on muddy roads and trails to avoid damaging the running surface. Please check with your local Forest Service office for current road and trail conditions.

Another important reminder for visitors this weekend is to be sure to put your campfire out when leaving your campsite for the day or for the weekend. There are many places on the forest at the lower elevations that are very dry, so ensure that your campfire is dead out before leaving the site.

In addition there are areas in The Beaver Creek Fire Area and the Kelley Fire Area that are closed. Check the Sawtooth National Forest Website at for additional information and a map of the Closure Areas.

Visitors to the Sawtooth National Forest are encouraged to bring their own drinking water and be prepared to haul their trash back home. Even though many of the developed campgrounds will be open, there may be sites that do not have full service.

Minidoka Ranger District


  •  South Hills
    • Schipper, Steer Basin, Lower and Upper Penstemon, Pettit, 3rd Fork campgrounds are open. Porcupine Springs is open but may be wet due to snow melt. Diamondfield Jack has snow piles from winter plowing but campsites can be used. Father and Son and Bostettor Campgrounds are open with access from Oakley.
    • Campground fees will be in effect. Bring drinking water and provision for packing trash back home.
    • Roads and Trails are wet so we encourage users to stay on designated roads and trails to prevent damage.


  • Sublett
    • Sublett and Mill Flat Campgrounds are open – no fees.
    • South Heglar Pass and North Heglar Pass are open for travel.


  • Black Pine
    • Most roads are passable, but watch for high water in Black Pine Canyon and Upper Kelsaw Canyon is still closed.


  • Raft River (Northern Utah)
    • Clear Creek Campground is open with limited sites available. Dispersed campground sites upstream from Clear Creek Campground are open. No fees, no water.
    • One Mile Summit is open, stay on designated roads and trails to prevent damage.


  • Albion
    • Bennett Spring Campground is open and all other developed campgrounds and trailheads are closed due to snowdrifts.
    • Independence Trailhead is still closed due to snow.
    • Road to the top of Mt. Harrison not opened beyond the Pomerelle Ski Area.

Current road and trail conditions can be obtained by calling the Minidoka Ranger District at 208-678-0430.


Ketchum Ranger District


  •  Boundary Campground will be open with full service.
    • Full services are available at Boundary Campground
    • Fees will be charged - $10/night single unit
    • The District will enforce dog leash and dog waste pickup regulations at Boundary Campground, Adams Gulch and Trail Creek Trailhead.

Current trail conditions for the Ketchum Ranger District can be found at:


Sawtooth National Recreation Area

All of the following campgrounds will be open with full service.


  • Wood River Valley
    • North Fork
    • Murdock
    • Caribou
    • Wood River
    • Easley
  • Alturas Lake
    • Smokey Bear Campground and boat ramp (open without fee until 6/1/2014)
  • Pettit Lake
    • Pettit
  • Redfish Lake Campgrounds will be open
    • Mt. Heyburn and Redfish Inlet will be Closed
    • Sunny Gulch
  • Stanley (downriver)
    • Salmon River
    • Casino Creek
    • Riverside (river side)
    • Mormon Bend
    • Upper and Lower O’Brien
    • Whiskey Flats
    • Holman
  • Stanley Lake
    • Stanley Lake
    • Stanley Lake Inlet
    • Sheep Trail
    • Trap Creek
    • Elk Creek
    • Grandjean

Current conditions for the Sawtooth National Recreation Area can be obtained at 208-727-5013, or see the Sawtooth NRA Rec Report at

Fairfield Ranger District

Roads over Couch and Wells Summits are open. Trails are snow covered and impassable at the higher elevations.

• Baumgartner Campground is Closed

  • Chaparral
  • Abbot
  • Bird
  • Canyon
  • Bowns
  • Willow Creek Campground

The following campgrounds are open with no charges:


  •  Five Points
  • Bear Creek Transfer Camp
  • Pioneer Campground
  • Willow Creek Transfer Camp
  • Hunter Transfer Camp

Roads and Trails Closures

Currently the Kelley Creek ATV trail (aka Iron Mountain Trail), West Fork of Kelley Creek, Gardner Gulch, East and West Fork of Kelley Creek, East and West Forks of Beaver, Virginia/Kelley Connector, Deadwood Creek and Kelley Creek.

The Fairfield Ranger District can be reached at 208-764-3202 for information regarding campgrounds, roads and trails.