San Bernardino National Forest to reopen Thursday

Release Date: Sep 21, 2021

Contact(s): Zach Behrens

September 21, 2021

The San Bernardino National Forest will reopen Thursday, September 23, officials announced today. Overall fire activity in California has decreased, allowing more local fire personnel to return from fires to the north.

"We are extremely thankful to the public for their patience during this difficult time," said Forest Supervisor Danelle Harrison. "While the forest is reopening, we still need the public's vigilance when it comes to preventing wildfires."

Open-flame campfires and BBQs, smoking and target shooting, among other activities, will continue to be prohibited under current fire restrictions.

Upon reopening, staff will begin taking down closure signs and reopening gates as fast as possible. Patience is appreciated during this process if some areas appear to still be closed on Thursday. Two foothill areas, however, will remain closed for public safety:

  • Select foothill roads, including City Creek (1N09) and Alder Creek (1N16) roads and 50 feet on each side, between Running Springs and Highland will be closed to all traffic (see attached map for specifics). The closure of this mid-slope area, where a fire can quickly move in dry grass and chaparral, will limit entrapment of visitors should a fire begin. It will also help prevent fires related to illegal target shooting, which has frequently been occurring despite fire restrictions, signage and law enforcement patrols.
  • Big Tree Cucamonga Road (1N34), sometimes known to locals as San Sevaine Road, will be closed to vehicles to limit entrapment to visitors if a fire were to start. The 12-mile one-way-in, one-way-out road also sits mid-slope where fires can rapidly move through dry vegetation.

Other areas where long-term closures were previously in place, such as the El Dorado and Apple fire burn scars, will remain closed. The one exception will be the area around Lytle Creek, which was closed due to the 819-acre South Fire, which started in late August; that closure area will reopen Thursday.

As always, visitors are encouraged to "know before you go" by calling ranger stations to check on the open status of specific recreation facilities, such as campgrounds, which are beginning to close for the season.