Challis-Yankee Fork Ranger District - Herald - July 1879


July 1879

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Thursday, July 31, 1879

Bonanza will in time become the summer resort of pleasure seekers as well as of money hunters. The scenery in the Yankee Fork country is the grandest and most picturesque imaginable. The summer climate is unexcelled by that of any other country. The days are not too warm for comfort and the cool nights render sleep refreshing and invigorating. There are no snakes, mosquito's, tarantulas or any obnoxious reptiles or insects that annoy the pleasure seekers in other countries. For healthfulness the Salmon River region is acknowledged to have superior. No deaths has occurred from natural causes since the country was first struck by placer miners years ago. Hot sulfur springs are found at different points within a short ride of Bonanza, and canyons, waterfalls, and wooded retreats are on every hand. The hotel accommodations are ample and every comfort can here be had that any other country affords. As a Summer retreat wherein can be found health, recreation and all the enjoyments so highly appreciated by the invalid and tourist, Bonanza takes rank with the best of them and in time, when traveling facilities become a little better, we may expect to see tourist and invalids in here by the hundreds seeking enjoyment and health in this famous Yankee Fork Country.

Bonanza City

A Day for Croquet
A Day For Croquet
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Room and Board