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Welcome to the Salmon-Challis National Forest Plan Revision page, where you can help us plan the Forest’s future!



Now available for public review, the Draft Assessment and Preliminary Needs for Change Statement. Feedback on these documents would be most helpful if received by January 4, 2018.

Land Management Plans provide the framework for managing national forests and guide decision-making.  Plans are revised in a manner that encourages participation for publics, stakeholders and other agencies to reflect a broad and inclusive vision for managing national forests.  Revisions to the Salmon Forest Plan in 1988 and the Challis Forest Plan in 1987 are overdue and a lot has changed, including the consolidation of the two forests in 1998.  Beyond fulfilling a legal requirement, Land Management Plans should serve four primary functions:

  1. Create continuity of purpose by establishing an integrated vision for the plan area that endures through leadership and staff changes by laying out desired conditions and strategies to achieve them;
  2. Set the context for how the plan’s vision fits into larger physical, sociopolitical, and socioeconomic landscapes;
  3. Create operational rules and regulations, similar to an operating manual, for activities in the plan area; and
  4. Establish a process for evaluating progress and changing approaches as necessary.

For more information on forest plan revision process please visit A Citizens' Guide to Forest Plan Revision.


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