Forest Plan Revision

The Salmon-Challis began an effort to revise our existing management plans in January 2017. A lot has changed since the Salmon and the Challis forest plans were published in 1988 and 1987, respectively. Not the least of these changes was the consolidation of the forests in 1998.

Navigating This Site

We are currently wrapping up the Assessment Phase of our revision process. For more information about what that means, check out our Revision Process & Timeline page or review A Citizens' Guide to Forest Plan Revision.

We want and need your help as we work through the revision process. Our Public Involvement Opportunities page highlights ways you can help us with the revision. The Revision Library is where you can access documents, background publication and links related to our revision effort.

In accordance with the 2012 Planning Rule, there are a few processes that run concurrently to our Forest Plan Revision effort. You can find out more about these processes on the  Wilderness Inventory & Evaluation, Wild & Scenic Rivers Inventory & Eligibility, and Species of Conservation Concern pages.

Latest Revision News

Potential Species of Conservation Concern are now posted online. Feedback on these recommendations is requested by June 20, 2018.

Our Wild & Scenic Rivers Draft Eligibility Report is also available online. Feedback on eligible segments is requested by July 16, 2018.

Cover page for Assessment StoryMap

Our Assessment StoryMap is available for review, along with our Draft Assessment Report and the Preliminary Needs for Change Statement.

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