Minerals and Geology

Following are links to information you may need to prepare and submit a Notice of Intent or Plan of Operations for mineral exploration on NFS lands.

Please contact the following program area specialists if you require further information or assistance:

Salmon-Challis National Forest Minerals and Geology Program Staff

Glenwood Brittain, 208-756-5169 (Program Manager, Salmon); glenwood.brittain@usda.gov

Amanda Kriwox, 208-879-4153 (Geologist, Challis); amanda.kriwox@usda.gov

Rob Sherwood, 208-756-5279 (Geologist, Salmon); Robert.Sherwood@usda.gov

Deanna Stever, 208-756-5283 (Geologist, Salmon); deanna.stever@usda.gov


The Central Idaho Wilderness Act of 1980 withdrew the Frank Church – River of No Return Wilderness area from mineral location and prohibits all forms of placer mining in the Middle Fork Salmon River and its tributaries in their entirety.  Tributaries to the Middle Fork Salmon where placer mining is prohibited include, but are not limited to, Loon Creek, Marsh Creek, Elk Creek, Bear Valley Creek, and Rapid River.

Interested in Rockhounding?  Check out this brochure specific to Salmon-Challis National Forest and brochure for more general information!

Mineral Exploration on the Salmon-Challis National Forest -- What to Expect

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Aquatic Decontamination 

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