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Before you head down that trail, make sure your motorized vehicle is approved for that trail. The Forest Service manages over 150,000 miles of trails throughout the United States, but not all of these trails are open to all user types. Motorcycles, 4-wheelers, mountain bikes, and even horses are not allowed on each and every trail. Before you head out, know where you are going. Get a local Forest map to make sure you are on the right trail with the right piece of equipment. Assure that all users can enjoy their national forests by doing your part. “Know before you go.” This message is brought to you by the US Forest Service.

The new Salmon Challis National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) for each Ranger District show the roads and trails that are open for public motorized use. If a route is shown on the MVUM it is designated open for motorized use. If a route is not shown on the MVUM it is NOT designated open for motorized use.

The MVUM provides limited geographic detail and should be used in combination with the Salmon-Challis National Forest Maps (one each for Challis and Salmon areas of the Forest) to more clearly locate and identify the routes shown on the MVUM

This is the first year for the new MVUM and some of the routes shown on the map may not be opened yet. The implementation of the Travel Plan for these routes has been delayed because the Forest has not completed safety and resource inspections of the roads or trails. Resource specialists are currently doing the inspections and the routes will be open as soon as they are determined to be safe and resource concerns are addressed.

During this first season, motorized users may discover instances where the MVUM does not match the new Salmon-Challis National Forest Travel Plan or the MVUM is incorrect. We want to know where these situations occur so they can be corrected for next year. Please notify the local District Ranger of any inaccuracies in the MVUM. Forms to help you record the errors are available at District Offices and at the Supervisor’s Office in Salmon.

Link to PDF Maps Mobile App (Avenza Systems, Inc.)

The Forest also has color MVUMs available for download. 

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