Release Date: Jun 13, 2017  

Contact(s): Amy Baumer

SALMON, ID –Currently, the Boundary Creek Road #40-579 and #40-568 is not passable.  Near the summit at milepost 3.2 there is a washout.  At Fir Creek, milepost 6.4, (near Bruce Meadows) the stream has cut through approximately ½ of the road width.  On road #568, at Bear Valley Creek, there is approximately one foot of water over the road.  The road bed is soft and vehicles should not use this road until the water recedes and the road firms up.  Avoiding the road will prevent further damage to the road surface.  Weather permitting, the forest hopes to repair the road to one-lane traffic by the end of the week. 

Other Road Information: The Yellowjacket Road # 60-112 is not passable just below Tin Cup Mine, the stream has cut entirely through the road and into the slope beyond the road. 

The Squaw Creek route #40-041, Thompson Creek route #40-040, and route #40-231 near Pepper Creek are not passable at this time. 

The surface erosion and ruts has been graded out on the Warm Spring Road # 60-185.  Heavy maintenance on the Timber Creek road #60-105 is mostly complete, additional work will be completed later in the summer on this route when dryer conditions prevail. 

Many areas are experiencing high water.  Damage to roadways and trails from the high water has been documented and peak flows have not yet occurred.  Use extra caution around eroded banks and roads.  Floodwaters may undercut the road surface leaving an unstable area that can collapse without warning dropping people or vehicles into the water.  Turn around when encountering flooded roads.  It is unknown what is under the water and the road may be gone causing your vehicle to be swept downstream with the water flow.  Drivers should continually be on the lookout for damaged roads.  The Forest encourages extra caution for travel at night and during periods of low visibility.  Damaged road surfaces may not be marked and can be very hard to identify in the dark.

It was a big snow year and many roads are not opening as early as in years past.  The Salmon Basin is 222% of normal snow water equivalent as of June 13.  Wet and muddy conditions on roads and trails are still present in the higher elevations that have cleared in the Forest.  Forest officials ask people to stay off muddy roads as not to damage them.  In addition, please stay on designated routes.  Motor Vehicle Use maps (MVUM) are available at the Public Lands Center in Salmon or the local Ranger District offices.  MVUMs can also be downloaded from here:  The MVUM maps show designated routes for motorized recreation users. 

Due to current conditions, forest visitors must be prepared to stay longer than expected due to rapidly changing circumstances.  Weather conditions such as high water, precipitation, and wind can rapidly change conditions on the ground.  Wind can blow trees across roadways and high water and precipitation can wash debris across roadways blocking access or wash roadways out.  Be sure to let someone know where you are headed and be prepared with extra food and clothing. 

For additional information, call the Public Lands Center in Salmon at 208-756-5100, or contact the local Ranger District offices.  You are welcome to visit our website at:, ‘Like Us’ on, and ‘Follow Us’ on


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