Contact(s): Amy Baumer

Salmon, ID – Modifications are planned at milepost 8 on Williams Creek Road (#60121), during the month of September.  The modifications include extension of the upstream culvert, widening of the corner above the stream, and placement of new concrete jersey barriers.  Brush removal to facilitate sight distance on this sharp corner may also occur at the same time.  Water will be diverted from the stream and traffic will be reduced to one lane during operations.

There will be approximately 15-minute delays while construction is occurring.  Vehicles pulling trailers, semi-trucks or other long vehicle configurations will not be able to travel this section of the road during construction, and will need to access the Panther Creek drainage either via Morgan Creek Road or the Salmon River Road.

Construction is planned for September 17, but may occur sooner or later depending on availability of the contractor to perform the modifications.  Appropriate signage will be in place to alert traffic of operations both above and below milepost 8.

Operations should take approximately 10 days to complete, with a target date for completion by no later than October 5, 2018.


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