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The Central Idaho Dispatch Zone is at VERY HIGH Fire Danger. 

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August 05, 2019

Date of Detection: July 10, 2019

Current Size: 4,089 acres

Location: Two (2) miles east of Seafoam Guard Station in the Frank Church River of

No Return Wilderness on the Middle Fork Ranger District

Cause: Lightning

Fuels: subalpine fir and lodgepole pine

Resources on Fire: 24 personnel







FIRE UPDATE:  Fire activity remains within the fire perimeter adding minimal growth in overall fire size.  The southwest fire’s edge has burned into the 2012 Halstead fire scar.  If you are recreating near the Shady Fire, please keep your distance – do not congregate in the area and allow firefighters to do their job safely and efficiently.  In addition, they are urging the public to be aware of the many blind corners on the roads and please slow downThe Forest will provide fire updates and information as significant changes occur. 

Due to heavy fuel loading, active fire behavior, and the presence of numerous snags, firefighters have been unable to directly engage the fire.  The Shady Fire is being managed with a point protection strategy (a wildfire response strategy, which protects specific assets or highly valued resources from the wildfire without directly halting the continued spread of the wildfire) to minimize exposure to fire personnel while protecting identified values.  The strategy takes in to account exposure to firefighters, values at risk, impacts to area user groups, and wilderness values.  Firefighters are monitoring fire progression towards values, with the priority of fire mangers being to provide for firefighter and public safety while defending the identified values at risk.  Specific values potentially threatened with this fire include mining and Forest Service infrastructure.

WEATHER:  The thunderstorms will continue this week with isolated coverage expect today and Tuesday.  Could see an increase in coverage Wednesday and especially Thursday. Hot conditions will continue through Tuesday with many areas under 15 percent relative humidity but winds are not expected to be strong outside of thunderstorms.

CLOSURES:  The Salmon-Challis National Forest has implemented the Shady Fire Emergency Road and Trail Closure, Order Number: 04-13-19-613.  The road and trail closure is described as road #40012 (Sheep Mountain Road) beginning at the junction with FS Road #40008 at Seafoam Guard Station ending at Road #40172, forest trail #4005 (Sheep Creek Trail) entire trail, forest trail #4012 (Duffield Trail) entire trail, and forest trail #4023 (Bernard Creek Trail) entire trail.

The above-described road and trails are located within the administrative boundaries of the Middle Fork Ranger District, Salmon-Challis National Forest, Custer County, Idaho.  This closure is necessary to provide protection to forest visitors from the current fire safety hazards associated with the Shady Fire.

FIRES RESTRICTIONS: There are no fire restrictions at this time.  Remember, if your campfire is too hot to touch, it is too hot to leave; pour water and add dirt to your campfire until it is cold.


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