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The Central Idaho Dispatch Zone is at VERY HIGH Fire Danger. 

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August 6, 2019

Date of Detection: August 3, 2019

Current Size: 2,013 acres

Location: 23 miles southwest of North Fork, north of the Salmon River

Cause: Lightning

Fuels: Ponderosa pine and grass

Resources on Fire:

Type I


Type II


Type I Helicopters








FIRE UPDATE: The Cove Creek fire is burning in the 2012 Mustang Complex fire scar.  The fire remains active and continues to move to the north and back down to the Salmon River Road.  A local Type III organization is managing the fire and a Type II team, Great Basin Team 7, will take over management of the fire Wednesday, August 7.  There are additional resources on order, which have not yet arrived to the fire.  Crews continue with work around private property and burn out (setting fire inside a control line to consume fuel between the edge of the fire and the control line) when necessary.  Work continues on assessment of the values at risk in the area.  Aircraft will be used when possible to help minimize fire growth.

WEATHER: Isolated thunderstorms expected today and Wednesday with scattered storms possible on Thursday.

CLOSURES:  The Salmon-Challis National Forest has implemented the Cove Creek Fire Emergency Trail Closure, Order Number: 04-13-19-614.  The trail closure is described as Forest Trail #152 (Owl Creek Trail), beginning at the junction with FS Road 030 (Salmon River Road) at Owl Creek to the Junction with FS Road #123 (Colson Creek Road), and Forest Trail #153 (East Fork Owl Creek Trail), beginning at the junction of Trail #152 (Owl Creek Trail) to the Junction with FS Road #043 at Horsefly Spring.

The above-described trails are located within the administrative boundaries of the North Fork Ranger District, Salmon-Challis National Forest, Lemhi County, Idaho.  The closure is necessary to provide protection to forest visitors from the current fire safety hazards associated with the Cove Creek Fire.

FIRE RESTRICTIONS: There are no fire restrictions at this time.  Forest officials are asking the public to be extremely careful when camping and to remember that it is your job and responsibility to properly maintain and extinguish all campfires.  Remember, if it is too hot to touch, it is too hot to leave; pour water and add dirt to your campfire until it is cold.

If you are recreating or live near an ongoing wildfire suppression operation, please keep your distance - do not congregate in the area and allow the firefighters to do their job safely and efficiently.  If you are driving on the Salmon River Road (#030), please SLOW DOWN, but DO NOT STOP in and around the fire area.  Additionally, for the safety of firefighters and the public, helicopters cannot dip from spots where cars are parked too close, or where rafters are lingering in the river.

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