Contact(s): Amy Baumer

In August, work will begin to place gravel surfacing on the Marsh Creek Road (Forest Road #203) in the vicinity of the Cape Horn Guard Station.  Work will consist of hauling gravel from the Blind Summit Pit to the work area with belly dump trucks as well as placing and shaping the gravel into a usable road surface.  Expected start date for this work is August 19th but may be subject to change.

If your travels bring you to this area of the Salmon-Challis National Forest in mid to late August, please be prepared for the following:

  • Heavy traffic by large trucks on the full length of the road.  Haul is expected to be one way with trucks entering Highway 21 near Blind Summit and traveling east to the Marsh Creek Road near Milepost 119.5.  Trucks will travel west to the project area to deliver gravel and continue west to Highway 21 for the return to the pit. 
  • Short delays to spread gravel once gravel is on-site.
  • Heavy equipment on the roadway between Kelly Creek and Knapp Creek for the duration of the project.


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