Contact(s): Amy Baumer

The North Zone of the Salmon-Challis National forest will be implementing several seasonal road system closures over the upcoming weeks and months.  These closures are part of the Salmon-Challis National Forest Travel Plan and can be found on the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs).  Implementation dates for various roads are September 8th, October 1st, and November 16th of each year.

Seasonal route closures are designed for wildlife security and reproductive habitat, to provide for increased opportunities for hunting away from motorized access, to enhance non-vehicle recreational experiences, to protect roads from vehicle damage during periods of the year when they are more easily damaged, and to increase public safety during periods of the year when some roads are more dangerous to drive on due to weather and road conditions.

The following North Zone road systems will be Seasonally Closed in the Fall of 2019:  Gates will be closed the first business day thereafter when the date falls on a weekend or Federal holiday.

Implementation September 8:       

Leadore Ranger District

Warm Springs Woods Road System- Roads 149, 149-A, and 733

Everson-Stroud Road- Road 004


Salmon-Cobalt Ranger District

West Fork Iron Creek Road- Road 046

CNF Road System- Roads 231, 338, and 271

Swan Peak Road System- Roads 106, 099-A,

Phelan Mountain Area Road Systems- Roads 234, 234-A, 234-C, 234-E, and Road 082

Leesburg Area Road System- Roads 007 and 008

Jureano Mountain Area Road Systems- Roads 300-A, 340, 301-A, and 326

Rapps Cr Area Road- Road 330

East Boulder Meadow Road System- Roads 098 and 023


North Fork Ranger District

Carmen Creek Road System- Roads 069, 069-A, 069-B

Silverleads Area Road System- Roads 077, 077-B, 077-C, 077-D, 077-E, 077-F, 077-G, 077-H, 063, 063-B, and 063-C

Donnelly Gulch Road- Road 164

Grouse Gulch Road- Road 228

Salzer Bar Road – Road 091

Threemile Creek Road- Road 080

Pine Creek Road System –Roads 032, 032-A, 146, 147, and 147-A

Friedorf Gulch Area Road System- Roads 095, 095-B, and 092-F

Implementation October 1:


Salmon-Cobalt Ranger District

Stormy Peak Road Area- Roads 127, 128 and 170

Moose-Dump Loop Route Area- Roads 183 and 406


North Fork Ranger District

183 Road System- Road 183


Implementation November 16:

Salmon-Cobalt Ranger District

Forney Moyer Area- Roads 6036, 6035, 6032, and 103



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