Contact(s): Amy Baumer

The Salmon-Challis National Forest intends to change direction and will evaluate the 1988 Salmon Forest Plan and the 1987 Challis Forest Plan separately.

“Since the Salmon-Challis National Forest started revising our forest plans in 2017, we have been in continual communication with local citizens, elected officials, state agencies, tribes and many other interested parties," said Salmon-Challis Forest Supervisor Chuck Mark.  "Public engagement has been robust and passionate, and I sincerely appreciate the interest, time and effort.  A strong theme from stakeholders is that the Salmon-Challis National Forest represents a vast and diverse landscape with communities that have distinct values and culture.  People want to know that we recognize the unique ecology and social dynamics that exist on the Salmon-Challis.”

In 2017 forest plan revision efforts were initiated with the idea of developing one plan for the two forests that were administratively combined more than 20 years ago.  However, after receiving public input the Salmon-Challis National Forest determined the best approach would be to develop separate plans.

“I believe individual plans are a worthwhile endeavor,” Mark said.  “Forest plans not only guide our work as land managers, they also reflect the values of the people we serve.  We will continue working with our stakeholders who care so deeply about the management of the Salmon-Challis National Forest.”

The Salmon-Challis Nation Forest will plan upcoming public engagement opportunities as it adapts its forest plan revision strategy.


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