Contact(s): Amy Baumer

The Lost River Ranger District is opening the Wood Road (Forest Service road #40605), effective July 15, beyond the closed gate through to the upper closed gate for personal use firewood collection through September 7, 2020 (see map).  This area is located in Sawmill Canyon off the Bear Basin Loop Road.

This temporary area will be closed sooner if all personal-use firewood is harvested or if weather conditions warrant closure.

Starting July 1, 2020, the public will need a valid, hard copy, personal use fuelwood permit.  Wood cutters can take up to 12 cords of firewood per household for personal use under the free use permit.  Normal firewood permit restrictions and requirements will apply.  Please do not travel more than 300 feet from any road within the area described in this news release.

For more information on the Wood Road, FS road #40605, please contact the Lost River Ranger District at 208-588-3400.  A short pause follows once you connect with the ranger station.  Please hang on through the pause and someone will happily assist you!


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