Floating the Salmon River Description of Launch Sites


Corn Creek Launch Site

The main launch site for the river is Corn Creek located 47 miles west of North Fork, Idaho. The office at this launch site is usually open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, seven days a week. The wilderness river rangers spend mornings at the launch area, and take care of campgrounds or repairs in the afternoons. They are usually not far away or hard to find if you need help. They often leave a note on the office door with their whereabouts.

Photo of Corn Creek during a busy time.  There are many boats, supplies and people.Corn Creek can become very crowded during the floating season with commercial outfitters, private floaters, and jet boaters all launching in the same area.  It is a good idea to park up above the ramp and check in with the Checkers. Walk down to assess the situation on the ramp.  If the launch area is already crowded when you get there, there is no sense driving into the mess and adding to confusion.  If the launch area is clear when you arrive, feel free to choose a spot and unload your gear off to the side.  Be advised that the downriver portion of the ramp is reserved for express use (unloading of fully rigged boats to be moved upstream immediatly) and jet boat use--Please leave at least a truck width on the down stream side of the ramp to allow for trailers loading and unloading jet boats.  As soon as you are done unloading gear from your vehicles and/or inflating boats, PLEASE MOVE YOUR VEHICLES FROM THE RAMP.  It is also helpful if your group can keep things contained to a concentrated area to allow room for others and help prevent people from mistaking your equipment for theirs. (Since a good deal of floating gear looks the same, mark yours clearly!)  If your group is planning on a leisurely rigging and/or needs to pack food, etc., please pick a spot away from the ramp, or try to accomplish as much as you can in the campground beforehand. Once your boats are in the water and fully rigged, move them up the shoreline and off of the main part of the ramp. The shoreline upriver from the ramp provides ample room for boats while providing access to the campground.

The Corn Creek area is a significant archaeological site in addition to being a launch facility. It deserves your respect and care. The large grassy area adjacent to the office and parking area contains pit house depressions and other protected examples of the Native American Culture which occupied the site in times past. We ask that you avoid using this site in recognition of its significant value in history. Please don't camp, picnic, load or unload gear in this area. In order to continue the use of the Corn Creek site as a launch area, we all must respect the heritage values.

Corn Creek Campground Area consists of a trailhead for the Salmon River Trail, which has horse facilities (unloading and stalls), and long-term parking. The campground at Corn Creek has a $10.00 fee per night and contains 18 units. Please consolidate your group into 1 or 2 campsites to make room for everyone. Water is usually available.

Garbage service is not available at Corn Creek. Pack out what you bring in!