Permits and Reservations for the Middle Fork of the Salmon River

Permits and Reservations

A permit is required to be on the waters of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. The permitted stretch begins at Dagger Falls and ends at its confluence with the Salmon. Only seven permits a day are allowed (year-round).

Reservations are allocated in two ways, depending on the launch date.

  • Lottery Control Season (5/28-9/3): Reservations for private boating permits during the lottery control season, May 28-September 3, are initially assigned by a randomized lottery. Applications are accepted annually from December 1 through January 31. All successful lottery reservations must be accepted and confirmed by March 15th or they will be revoked. An individual can only have one permit per year during the lottery control season.
  • Pre/Post Seasons: Launch dates before and after the lottery control season can be reserved first-come, first-served beginning October 1 at 8 am Mountain time.  For the 2019 pre/post season reservations, the start date for 2019 will be delayed from the typical October 1st opening. The start time will remain as 8 am Mountain time, but the date will be pushed back; the specific date will be determined by September.
  • Commercial outfitters are allocated 306 launch dates during the lottery control season and may also reserve pre/post season launch dates. To see a listing of these outfitters, click here.
  • Cancelled reservations: Any cancelled reservations (private and commercial) are released at ; however,
  • Cancelled reservations for August 15-September 15 launches will not be reissued after March 15th as part of the mitigation in place for spawning Chinook salmon.


Reserving a Permit for a Launch Date

The National Recreation Reservation Service is processing all river lottery applications, reservations, cancellations and payments.

To look for available dates, visit their website at and search for Middle Fork of the Salmon River, or call 1-877-444-6777.

Lottery applications must be submitted online. To see success statistics, instructions and other lottery materials, go to the Four Rivers Lottery page. Confirmation required by March 15 for all successful lottery participants.

Final trip information and payment of fees must be made prior to launch date at