Permits and Reservations for the Salmon River

Permits and Reservations:

A permit is required year round for all types of approved watercraft to be on the Wild and Scenic Salmon River.

The permitted area begins at the Corn Creek Launch Site and ends at Long Tom Bar (about ½ mile above Vinegar Creek boat ramp) for a total of 77.6 miles. 

To obtain a permit, visit and search for Salmon River (4 Rivers). (Jetboats: - search for Main Salmon River (powerboat).)

  • Lottery Control Season (6/20 – 9/7): Reservations for private floating permits during the lottery control season, June 20 through September 7, are initially assigned by a randomized lottery. Applications are accepted annually from December 1 through January 31 at After the lottery has allocated reservations, cancelled dates are released randomly within 24 hours. All successful lottery reservations must be accepted and confirmed by March 15th. All reservations are required to pay a portion of their recreation fees as confirmation (a minimum of $4 will confirm a reservation for one person, one day).  Unconfirmed reservations will be released at 8 AM MT on March 16th.  No more than 8 floating permits are issued per day during the control season; the maximum length of stay is based on party size, and does not exceed 8 days.
  • Pre/Post Seasons: Launch dates before (January 1 – June 19) and after (September 8 – December 31) the lottery control season can be reserved beginning October 1 at 8 AM Mountain time. There are no limits to the number of float boats or powerboats allowed during the non-control season; however, please note that the system has 99 launches per day so boaters can determine how many others groups are launching each day. 
  • Corn Creek is not staffed during parts of the pre/post seasons.  Please contact the North Fork Ranger District at 208-865-2700 before you launch to inquire about where your permit will be issued.


  • Commercial outfitters are initially allocated a total of 330 launch dates during the lottery control season and may also reserve pre/post season launch dates. To see a listing of these outfitters, click  here.
  • Cancelled reservations: Any cancelled lottery reservations (private and commercial) are released randomly within 24 hours and will be available at 

Permits are non-transferable.


Jet-boats:  Non-commercial powerboats are limited to no more than six (6) boats on the Salmon River at one time, with a maximum stay length of 7 days per boat. Permits are allocated using a reservation system centered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reservations and payments are accepted beginning the 1st of June through the end of the control season through Questions: please contact Salmon River Ranger District, (208) 839-2211. 

Boaters floating the South Fork and exiting onto the Salmon must obtain a permit from the Krassel Ranger District, 208-634-0600.  South Fork floaters who exit the Salmon on the same day they enter the river corridor do not need a Salmon permit.  If you intend to stay within the river corridor for more than a day, you must obtain a permit through and contact the North Fork Ranger District, 208-865-2700, to arrange for permit pick-up.

All river lottery applications, reservations, cancellations and payments for float trips are processed through To look for available dates, visit their website at and search for Salmon River (4 Rivers), or call 1-877-444-6777.