Trip Requirements for the Main Salmon River


Trip Requirements:

All boaters floating the Main Salmon are required to obtain a trip permit before launching at any time of the year. See “Quick Links”: Permits and Reservations on the Main Salmon River for more details on how to obtain a river trip permit/reservation.

Boaters floating the South Fork and exiting onto the Main Salmon must obtain a permit from the Krassel Ranger District, 208-634-0600. South Fork floaters who exit the Main Salmon the same day they enter the river corridor do not need a Main Salmon Permit.

Permits are not transferable.

The successful applicant (or reservation holder) is the permit holder.

Permit Holder Responsibilities:

Permit Holder must be 18 years old by the launch date.

Permit holder is responsible for submitting complete and final payment of all recreation fees for the entire group prior to the launch date.  See Recreation Fee Guidelines for payment details, and cancellation/refund and no-show policies.

He/She is responsible for the group and must accompany the group at all times while on the river.

The permit holder will sign a permit affirming that the float party has read and understood the definition of a private float trip.  At that time, the permit holder is then authorized to enter onto the Wild Section of the Main Salmon River and is therefore subject to the following conditions:

  • Observe all local, State and Federal laws and regulations.
  • Camp in the reserved camps if listed on the permit. All other campsites are on first come first serve basis
  • Carry a porta-potty with sufficient carrying capacity for the number of persons in your group. If you have a pet, you must transport out all pet feces.
  • Use a firepan or other container to contain all campfire ashes and charcoal. Ashes and charcoal are to be carried out.
  • Pick up all garbage including foil, plastic bottles, cans, cigarette butts, and pop tops, and carrying them out of the river area to a provided dump site and recycling station.
  • Do NOT use soap, not even biodegradable soap, in any stream, river, lake or hot springs.
  • Carry a mesh strainer fine enough to filter coffee grounds. This should be used to strain food particles and other materials from your dish- and gray-water.
  • Carry a bucket and a shovel for fire fighting.
  • During the Reserved Control Season, (June 20-September 7) group size determines trip length:


  • Group Size
  • Maximum Trip Length
  • Private and Commercial Parties
  • 21 - 30
  • 6 days - 5 nights
  • 11 - 20
  • 7 days - 6 nights
  • 1 - 10
  • 8days - 7 nights
  • Outside the Reserved Control Season the maximum group size is 30 and the maximum trip length is 10 days.
  • Public nudity is prohibited.
  • The Antiquities Act prohibits the casual collection of artifacts. For this reason, we ask that you protect and leave all archeological artifacts and natural features intact. Take only pictures and memories; leave only footprints.

Passenger List:  A formal, complete passenger list will be required on the day of the launch.  This can be completed in advance in your file. At that time each person will be required to sign a document certifying that their trip is a private trip. A river trip is not commercial if: (1) There is a bona fide sharing of actual expenses, including transportation to and from the site; (2) The trip does not include any costs for payment of salaries or expenses of any person to help with the trip or logistics of the trip; (3) Costs shared by trip members include the costs of damaged or lost equipment, renting or buying minor equipment or the acquisition of new equipment to the advantage of an individual or an organization. Persons involved in unauthorized commercial operations are subject to fine and/or imprisonment.