AP District and Partners Blaze Trails to Improve Visitor Wayfinding

AP Trail Mariking 1The Andrew Pickens Ranger District teamed with its communtiy partners--Foothills Trail Conference, Oconee County Search and Rescue, Oconee Hiking Club, and Oconee State Park--to create a trail marking plan for the district’s designated trails. The project will enhance visitor safety, security and satisfaction on district trails.Forest Service volunteers and the district’s Youth Conservation Corp (YCC) are blazing the trees along the trails with a 2” X 6” painted rectangle. For ease in routefinding the trails will be marked as follows: 

  • Opossum Creek Trail – WHITE
  • Brasstown – YELLOW
  • Hidden Falls - Yellow
  • Blue Hole – BLUE
  • Foothills Connector – BLUE
  • Big Bend – BLUE
  • Station Cove Falls – BLUE
  • Riley Moore Falls – PURPLE
  • Tamassee Knob – BLACK
  • Chattooga River Trail – GREEN
  • Yellow Branch – ORANGE
  • Winding Stairs – ORANGE
  • Kings Creek – ORANGE

AP trail blaze exampleWant to know more? Please call the Andrew Pickens Ranger District for any questions or trail-marking updates 864-638-9568.