Francis Marion and Sumter National Forests Monitoring Reports

Annual monitoring reports are used to assess the following:

  1. How well goals and objectives of the forest plans are being met.
  2. If standards and guidelines are being implemented.
  3. If environmental effects are occurring as predicted.

Addressing Monitoring Requirements in the 2012 Planning Rule

Francis Marion National Forest Monitoring Reports

The Revised Land Management Plan for the Francis Marion National Forest was approved in March 2017, and became effective in April 2017.  As a part of implementing the new plan, the planning regulations at 36 CFR 219.12(d)(1) require a biennial evaluation of the monitoring information identified in the plan monitoring program, and that this report should be completed within two years from the effective date of the plan decision.  However, the planning regulations also identify that “the monitoring evaluation report may be postponed for 1 year in case of exigencies” (36 CFR 219.12(d)(iii)).  For the Francis Marion National Forest, the Responsible Official has determined that due to a number of competing priorities for the Forest staff’s time and available funding, that the Francis Marion's Monitoring Evaluation Report will be postponed for one (1) year.

Sumter National Forest Monitoring Reports

Upper Chattooga River Recreation Monitoring Report

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