Francis Marion Plan Revision 2012 - 2016: Collaboration

Collaboration and the Francis Marion Plan Revision 

We have developed a Public Participation Strategy to help explain key concepts of forest planning and how you can get involved. It also outlines how the planning team uses information received from the public. 

Community Conversations

One way that you can participate in the Francis Marion Plan Revision is through one of our community conversations or public meetings. We have summarized each meeting below in case you were unable to attend.

Talking Points Collaborative Mapping Web Tool

You can also provide feedback by using the Talking Points Collaborative Mapping web tool developed by the Forest Service and the US Geological Survey. This GIS application gives users an interactive experience viewing and commenting on different map layers for the Francis Marion National Forest. The Talking Points Collaborative Mapping Data Descriptions (updated 8/18/14) provides a brief description of each map layer.

Collaboration Goals

Collaboration goals for the Francis Marion Plan Revision include: 
  • Build relationships, trust, capacity and commitment to the forest plan;
  • Allow for sharing, learning and understanding between the agency and the public;
  • Promote a common understanding of the planning process;
  • Encourage public interaction and feedback;
  • Avoid last minute surprises so the process can identify and work through issues; and
  • Support development of a forest plan through an inclusive and transparent way that increases the integrity of the forest plan and adds clarity to the decision making process and the rationale for decisions.