Miracle Hot Springs Closure

Release Date: 

Contact(s): Alicia Embrey

Sequoia National Forest, Kern River Ranger District

Due to public health and safety concerns, Miracle Hot Springs is closed temporarily.

After the 2023 winter and spring flooding on the Kern River, Miracle Hot Springs was under the high-water mark and inaccessible. Since river levels have dropped, the previously removed tub area was exposed again.

On Saturday, February 17, 2024, a deceased individual was found in one of the Miracle Hot Springs tubs. Previously, on October 17, 2022, a deceased individual was also found in the same area.

“Public safety is of utmost importance to Forest Service officials. With a second death that can be attributed in part to the hot springs, the area will remain closed until a sustainable long-term solution is reached,” says District Ranger Al Watson.   

An area closure order will be in place soon prohibiting access to the hot springs, tubs, and general vicinity.

Sandy Flat Campground, near Miracle Hot Springs day use area, is open to the public and accepts reservations through Recreation.gov.

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