Forest officials announce seasonal campground closures

Release Date: Nov 7, 2017  

Contact(s): Alicia Embrey

SEQUOIA NATIONAL FOREST, California November 7, 2017—Fall has officially arrived on the Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument. Along with the seasonal changes, Forest officials are announcing campground and recreation site closures. Campground closings or adjustment in facility services vary widely across the forest, with a few facilities already closed, some either closing or changing to limited service, and some staying open with full services depending on the weather.

Western Divide Ranger District: Springville office at 559-539-2607

Campgrounds and Day Use Areas closed include: Quaking Aspen, Redwood Meadow, Lower Peppermint, White River, Holey Meadow, Long Meadow Group, Coy Flat and Belknap campgrounds; Wishon Campground, Wishon Cabin Lower Coffee Camp and Upper Coffee Camp are closed due to the Pier Fire. Services at Trail of 100 Giants are closed, parking is limited to turnouts.

Hume Lake Ranger District: Dunlap office at 559-338-2251

Campgrounds closed for the season include Princess, Hume Lake, Aspen Hollow, Logger Flat, Landslide, Ten Mile, Fir, Cove, Upper Stony Creek, Stony Creek and Eshom campgrounds.

Big Meadow campground is open with limited services. No trash and infrequent cleaning. Please remember, if you pack it in – pack it out.

Kern River Ranger District: Kernville office at 760-376-3781

Campgrounds and Day Use Areas open year-round include: Pioneer Point, French Gulch, Halfway, Headquarters, Auxiliary, Old Isabella, South Fork, Camp 9 and Upper Richbar Day Use are open year round for your use. Undeveloped camping areas remaining open year-round include all undeveloped camping areas on the Upper Kern River as well as Stine Cove and Hanning Flat at Lake Isabella.

Weather Dependent Campgrounds: Troy Meadow, Fish Creek and Horse Meadow Campgrounds on the Kern Plateau are still open, and generally close in November depending on the weather. Evans Flat Campground in the Greenhorn Mountains and Breckenridge Campground in the Breckenridge Mountains will also remain open until the areas become inaccessible due to snow.

Campgrounds, Day Use Areas and Visitor Centers closed for the season include Hobo, Hungry Gulch, Limestone, Thunderbird, Camp 3, Gold Ledge, Hospital Flat, Boulder Gulch, Lower Richbar Day Use and Live Oak Day Use. Blackrock and Lake Isabella visitor centers are closed for the season.

Tillie Creek, Paradise Cove, Fairview and Sandy Flat campgrounds will close Nov. 26.

Reminder: there is a 14-day stay limit in effect throughout the year, which not only applies in the campgrounds but also in dispersed recreation sites. Dispersed recreation sites remain open, but users must be prepared for changeable weather conditions. Please remember if you pack it in, pack it out.

Check the weather and ensure you have the proper winter gear, extra blankets, tire chains and other equipment before venturing into the mountains during winter-time. For more tips on winter driving, visit

For additional information, please contact your local Ranger Station.
• Forest Supervisor’s Office—Porterville (559) 784-1500
• Hume Lake Ranger District—Dunlap (559) 338-2251
• Kern River Ranger District—Kernville (760) 376-3781
• Western Divide Ranger District—Springville (559) 539-2607