NFRA announces Tricia Maki 2019 Ranger of the Year

NFRA announces Tricia Maki 2019 Ranger of the Year


PORTERVILLE, Calif., Oct. 31, 2019 – National Forest Recreation Association (NFRA) officials named Kern River Ranger District’s Tricia Maki as the 2019 Ranger of the Year during an October 29 awards ceremony at the NFRA’s 2019 Conference and Trade Show in Reno, Nevada. Tricia has served as the Kern River Ranger District Recreation Staff officer on the Sequoia National Forest since July 2013.

Tricia was recognized not only for her dedication to the US Forest Service and quality of visitor’s experience but also her ability to build strong relationships and partnerships. According to District Ranger Alfred Watson, her professionalism and dedication are noticeable to those that know and work with her. “Tricia is an excellent public servant, whose efforts led to creating and strengthening relationships with partners on the Sequoia National Forest.”


An October 26 news release by the NFRA congratulated Tricia on her exemplary leadership in creating and strengthening relationships. “Her passion and enthusiasm for collaboration with her recreation partners and the local community are truly appreciated.”


In addition to praise by the NFRA and Forest Service, forest and recreation partners also showed their appreciation for Tricia. President of California Land Management Eric Mart, Whitewater Voyages Luther Stephens, and Executive Director of Keepers of the Kern Barbara Hinkey submitted recommendations that led to Tricia receiving the award.


Eric Mart, President of California Land Management, the campground concessionaire on the Sequoia National Forest, said that he is always impressed with her ability to step right up when it comes to problems that may occur or a specific direction that is needed. "Having visitors enjoy a positive experience when they visit the area is first and foremost on her list. The operation of all the campgrounds on the Kern River and Lake Isabella is a job that requires a partnership and strong relationship to maintain the quality of visitor engagement. Tricia is always more than willing to walk the extra mile to make sure our visitors enjoy their stay. She is an asset to the district and its operations and a pleasure to work with.”


Luther Stephens, from Whitewater Voyages, a rafting company on the Kern River, stated that she has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has helped improve the program here on the Kern immensely. "She is always available if we have questions or concerns, and her input and willingness to work on the nuances of the program has facilitated the smoothest running operation I can recall in my 30 years of running trips on the Kern.”


Barbara Hinkey, Executive Director of Keepers of the Kern, also had high praise for Tricia. “We have found that Tricia has gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to supporting our projects. Were it not for her guidance; we would not have the success that has come to be. Her dedication to the US Forest Service and her position has made it possible for our area to excel in public relations, education, and community involvement.”


NFRA’s Ranger of the Year Award has been presented annually since 1982 to individuals who show personal dedication in the realm of recreation management and exhibit a true sense of partnership with recreation service providers. NFRA is comprised of businesses that provide camping, lodging, skiing, horseback riding, marinas, youth camps, shuttles, rafting, and other recreation services and facilities to the public on National Forest lands.



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