Many Forest roads close for winter season near Hume Lake

Contact(s): Denise Alonzo

DUNLAP, November 21, 2019 – Forest Service officials have implemented a seasonal road closure for Hume Lake Ranger District high elevation areas in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, Sequoia National Forest due to recent and anticipated storm activity.  Most Forest Service administered roads in the District will be closed for public safety, resource protection and to provide winter recreation opportunities.  Highway 180 between the Hume Lake cutoff and Cedar Grove was closed by Caltrans on November 12.  

Winter snow play areas on the District include Quail Flat and Big Meadow winter trailheads, both accessed off the Generals Highway.  Make a right turn past the Big Stump Entrance Station on Highway 180 to access these sites.  Both trailheads provide parking, and restrooms.  Please use pack in - pack out practices for your trash.

With a foot or more of snow accumulation, the following roads will be open to track and over-snow vehicles; Big Meadow Road from the winter trailhead to Summit Meadow, Burton Road (FS 14S02), Woodward Road (FS 14S18), and Rock Road (FS 14S14).  The area surrounding Big Meadow Road, including the Jennie Lakes Wilderness is open to foot traffic and snow-play.  The surrounding backcountry attracts skiing and snowshoeing enthusiasts during the winter months. 

Along the Generals Highway, between Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, overnight lodging is available at Montecito Lake Resort This resort operates under a special use permit with the U.S. Forest Service and offers over twenty miles of groomed cross-country ski trails in the Giant Sequoia National Monument.  Along the Kings River, Camp 4, Green Cabin Flat, and Mill Flat; campgrounds are open year-round with access from Pine Flat Lake. 

Snow chains are required to be carried in your vehicle at all times, and please come prepared for cold weather by bringing along extra winter clothing, flashlight with fresh batteries, food, and water. 

If you decide to stop at a turnout along the highway for snow play, be sure your vehicle is parked completely off the roadway.  Watch your children carefully to ensure they do not play on roads or sled into the roadway.  There are no garbage or restroom services at highway turnouts, so be sure to clean up your garbage and deposit it in your trash bin at home.  The turnouts can become very congested on the weekends, please do not block another vehicle in and prevent them from leaving.  

Snowmobiling is limited to roads in the Monument; many roads are posted for this use.  All state vehicle code regulations apply.  For specific information and locations, contact the Hume Lake Ranger District office at (559) 338-2251, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., closed during lunch 12 - 12:30. 

Additional information and maps of closed roads can be found on the following links: