Greybull Ranger District

Bluebird on a barbed wire fence


Named for the Greybull River that flows through three-quarters of the ranger district, the Greybull Ranger District is located in northwest Wyoming. The Wapiti Ranger District of the Shoshone lies at its north and western boundaries, while the Wind River Ranger District is found to its southwest.

Located high in the picturesque Wood River valley is the ghost town of Kirwin, some 34 miles southwest of Meeteetse, Wyoming. Founded in 1891 and abandoned in 1907, the ghosts of gold miners still inhabit Kirwin's long-vacant buildings. A high-clearance, four-wheel-drive vehicle is needed to travel the last nine miles to Kirwin.

Trails lead into the extremely rugged and steep Absaroka Mountains. Camping and fishing are popular activities in campgrounds along the Wood River.

The Greybull Ranger District is administered from Cody, Wyoming.