2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Planning in advance can help you have a wonderful time viewing the total solar eclipse from national forests in Wyoming. It is important to know the rules and regulations of the area where you hope to view the eclipse. Learn more here: 2017 Eclipse viewing information.
Viewing Locations
The Wind River Ranger District will be a prime location for viewing the eclipse in totality. Some possible locations are:
  • Union PassUnion Pass

  • Union PeakUnion Peak

  • Green Creek/Warm Springs LoopGrass Creek - Warm Spring Loop


Accomodations are filling up fast in the local communities, and camping may be an option for you as you plan your eclipse viewing trip. Here are some helpful tips about camping on the Shoshone National Forest:
  • Camping is limited to 16 days in one place -36CFR 261.58(a)
  • Proper food storage is required per a Shoshone National Forest Special Order and 36CFR 261.58 (cc). Please use storage boxes provided in campgrounds or store all attractants in your vehicle or other acceptable storage device.
  • When garbage facilities are not provided, please pack in/pack out all refuse.
  • Be careful with campfires.  Have a bucket of water and shovel in camp.  Completely extinguish campfire when camp is not occupied or the fire is not being tended. The fire should be cool enough to touch with the back of your hand before you leave it.
  • Be aware of dead or dying trees located in or near your campsite.  Locate camp a safe distance from any trees you feel may be unsafe.
  • Cell phone service is often unreliable or unavailable in many areas.


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