Christmas Tree Permits

USFS Christmas Tree PermitsThe Shoshone National Forest offers annual personal-use Christmas Tree Permits for the cutting of a tree on National Forest System lands. Christmas Tree Permits cost $8 per tree (limit five per household), are for personal use only (not for resale), and expire 12/31 of the year they are purchased.


Permits may also be purchased online through There are known issues with using Internet Explorer for this website; please try another web platform.


Where can I cut my Christmas tree?

All areas on the Shoshone National Forest are open to harvesting Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree Permit Regulations

  • When taking a Christmas tree from the National Forest, please observe the following permit requirements.  Failure to do so is a violation.
  • Each permit is for one tree.
  • Sales are final and non-refundable.
  • A permit expires on the last day of the calendar year it was purchased.
  • Attach the permit to the trunk of the tree as soon as it is cut down and before leaving the cutting area.
  • Transport the tree so the permit is clearly visible from outside your vehicle.
  • Don’t top trees by leaving the lower part of the tree standing. Leave a stump less than six inches and cut below the lowest live limb.
  • Use boughs from the lower section of the tree you cut, NOT from other live trees.
  • Do NOT cut trees greater than 20 feet in height.
  • Do NOT cut trees that are more than six inches in diameter at the stump.
  • Scatter any unwanted branches to lie 24” or less from the ground.
  • Up to five Christmas Tree permits may be purchased by any one household in a calendar year.


Safety Suggestions

  • Check with the local Forest Service office for recent site and road information.
  • Park safely on a highway pullout or off of a Forest Road.  Do not park where your vehicle can be hit by a falling tree.
  • Check maps to be sure of your location. Cutting on private land is trespassing!
  • Have a full tank of gas and use snow tires. Bring chains and a shovel.
  • Stay out of the forest when there are strong winds.
  • Use caution when felling your tree!
  • There is no cell phone coverage in many areas of the forest, so plan accordingly.
  • Dress warmly and bring food, extra water, a blanket, and a first aid kit.
  • Harvesting Your Christmas Tree
  • Choose a tree that is growing with other trees in a cluster. Leave the “perfect” trees to grow and provide for a healthy genetic source for the future forest.
  • Leave the site looking as undisturbed as possible and take your trash home with you.


What are the permit fees used for?

In 1996, Congress passed into law the Recreation Fee Demonstration Pilot Program (fee demo). The Shoshone National Forest has applied the fee demo program to its existing Christmas tree cutting program to provide the public with better customer service, more outlets to obtain tree permits, improved management of tree cutting areas, visitor information, interpretive signs and programs, and other activities to enhance the visitor’s Christmas tree cutting experience. Ninety-five percent of fees collected will be retained by the forest to help maintain and improve this program.