50 Years of Historic Preservation on the Sierra National Forest

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Signed into law in 1966 by President Lyndon Johnson, the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) acknowledged the importance of protecting our nation’s heritage in its introductory statement, “the spirit and direction of the Nation are founded upon and reflected in its historic heritage.”

The NHPA established a legal framework and programs to preserve historic buildings, landscapes, and archaeology.  These cultural resources shape our sense of place, anchor economic revitalization, and ensure a more sustainable future for our nation.  Read more.


Poster Series

In 2016, we are honoring how the NHPA helps us “care for the land and serve people” on the Sierra National Forest.  One way is by monthly posters which explain different aspects of heritage preservation on the Sierra.   Check back each month to see additional posters.

People and Places in the History of the Sierra National Forest

The Sierra National Forest has a past filled with colorful characters and places.  The Heritage staff has researched and written an entertaining collection of stories documenting real life events in the history of the Forest.  These stories will inform you, make you laugh, and make you wonder.  Most of all, these stories will provide a path into the history of the people and places of the Sierra National Forest. 

Preservation 50

2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA). The NHPA established the legal framework and incentives to preserve historic buildings, landscapes, and archaeology. It is time to celebrate the legacy of the NHPA and leverage this moment to assure a more vibrant future for preservation in America. To find out more about the NHPA, and the nationwide celebration to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the NHPA, visit Preservation50.