Recreation Residence Clean-up Process/ Special Use Permit Holder Access

Creek Fire Re-entry/Clean-up Processes

The following are the steps an Evacuee/Permit Holder /Recreation Residence should take to gain access to their permitted area, for the purpose of cleaning, closing, winterizing and clean up. 

Step 1 Access information and download forms. If a form link is not active that area is not accessible at this time. Dates are being discussed and will be announced when the area has been cleared for entry, and the form activated.

• Step 1 - For those who were evacuated leaving behind belongings will need to follow the appropriate link for their approval and access to the restricted areas. 

1. For Sierra National Forest Retrieval of Belongings - This form needs to be filled out in its entirety to access the area where you have left camping gear, trailers or vehicles due to evacuation order from the Creek fire for Bass Lake or High Sierra Ranger District entry. Belongings Retrieval Form. Please include your email address and phone number.

2. Be sure to add "Belongings Retrieval" and location in the subject line, email completed form to the following email: 

• Step 2 -  Special Use and Recreation Residence Permittees Complete and email forms • Email Form to the Public Affairs Officer:

Recreation Residence Permit Holder Clean-up Process

  1. Recreational Residence Permit to Access Restricted Area: Contact Permit Administrator​
  2. Recreational Residence Permit to Access Restricted Area: Madera County FS7700-48 Entry Authorization

External Permit Process for Special Use Permittees

  1. Special Use Holders Permit to Access Restricted Area: Contact Special Uses Officer.
  2. Special Use Holder Permit to Access Restricted Area: Madera County FS7700-48 Entry Authorization
  • Step 3 - Approval 
  1. Due to overwhelming responses the approval processes are taking time to go through and are based on public safety. When a date for entry is approved or determined please arrive at the meeting/entry locations with two forms of Identification for proof of elegilibility to enter (Drivers License or property deeds, bills) 
  2. Requestors will be provided with a signed copy of the FS7700-48 Entry Authorization.

Information on Entry Authorizations, Safety and Preparedness

Visiting the fire damaged area will undoubtedly have a very significant emotional impact on you and your family. Your safety depends on the decisions you make and requires a clear thought process. Take the following precautions: Wear heavy boots, long pants, long sleeves and gloves when sorting through debris. Protect your lungs by wearing an N95 respiratory mask available at hardware stores. Look up for tree hazards and down for tripping hazards and damaged septic tank lids. Please note this is not a child or pet friendly environment.


SNF -  Fresno County Recreation Residence Clean-up and Debris Removal Process​

SNF- Madera County Health and Safety Concerns for Property Clean-up 

SNF - Madera County Recreation Residence Clean-up Process

SNF - Landslide Preparedness and Safety