OHV Trail Condition/Status Report

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OHV Routes and Conditions Report  Open/Close dates are subject to change without notice.

Updated: December 04, 2018      

Status Road Trail Length Comments
Open Bald Mt. 26E219 3.8  
Open Bald Mt. Spur 26E211 2.2  
Closed Bear Diversion 06S083 3.0  
Closed Brewer 26E218 3.0 Closes Nov. 1
Closed Coyote Lake 26E212 2.2

Closes Nov. 1

Closed Dusy/Ershim 07S032 33.0 Closes Nov. 1
Closed Green Mtn./Cattle Mtn. Routes 22E206
1.5 (Green)
2.9 (Cattle)
4x4 Suggested
Closed Grouse Lake Spur 26E222 0.1  
Closed Hite Cove 4x4 (FR3S02) 19E200 4.3  Forest Order 05-15-51-18-15
Closed Hooper Diversion 07S065 2.5  
Closed Iron Lake Route     4X4 suggested
Open Lower Miami Motorcycle Area 21E202 0.5  
Closed Middle Bridge ATV 21E201 0.4  
Closed Mirror Lake 26E214 1.4 Closes Nov. 1
Closed Mirror Lake Spur 26E217 0.1 Closes Nov. 1
Closed Onion Springs 22E223 2.1  
Closed Red Lake      
Closed Red Mountain 26E213 1.9  
Closed Red Top Route 26E205 1.4  
Closed Shuteye Peak Route 06S059 2.7 4X4 Suggested
Closed Spanish Lake 26E224 5.0 Closes Nov. 1


Star Lake Route 22E203 2.8  
Closed Strawberry Lake 26E214 2.3 Closes Nov. 1
Closed Swamp Lake 26E221 12.5 Closes Nov. 1
Closed Swamp Lake Access 26E220 0.2 Closes Nov. 1
Closed West Lake 26E215 0.2  

Miami Motorcycle Area