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Sierra National Forest Current Road Conditions

updated as of  December 15, 2021


Motor Vehicle use Maps (MVUM) To locate roads and trails designated for vehicle use, and their opening/closing dates on the Sierra National Forest please click here. It is your responsibility to reference the MVUM to stay on designated routes for motor vehicle use.

Open/Close dates are subject to change without notice and can be condition based due to  weather and safety factors.

If a road is found gated after the MVUM date for opening, please contact the Sierra National Forest Roads manager at 559-297-0706 ex. 4961 or 559-392-0423 

When driving forests roads please watch your speed.

Status Road Seasonal Gate Open Date Seasonal Gate Close Date Comments
Open Minarets Road (FR) 81 Sierra Vista Scenic Byway (4S81) 05/01 12/01 Watch for timber activity in administrative area
Open Beasore (FR 7) from Bass Lake (5S07) 01/01 12/31 Accessible to Upper Chiquitio Bridge & Chiquito TH (5S04)
Open Blue Canyon (10S02) 01/01 12/31  
Open Big Fir Road (10S13) 04/15 12/01  
Open Black Rock (11S12) 01/01 12/31 Above Kings River
Open Central Camp (6S42) 04/01 12/15 Watch for hazards
Open Courtright (10S16) 05/27 12/01 Off of Mckinley Rd
Open Dinkey Creek Road (T1) 01/01 12/31 Connects 168 to Mckinley Rd
Open Dinkey-Trimmer (10S69) 05/01 12/01 Dinkey Trimmer Road
(between its intersections
with Forest Road Nos.
11S91 and 11S02)
Open Garnet Dike (12S01) 01/01 12/31  Rough road, "Trailers Not Advised",  Along the Kings River
Open Grizzly Road (FR 6S01) to (6S71) 04/15 12/01 One lane road/ Watch for increased traffic
Open Huntington Lake Road (T2) 05/01 12/01 Closes in winter for OSV/ SNOW 
Open Kaiser Pass Road (5S80) 05/27 12/01 First 5.6 Miles
Open Kaiser Pass Road (5S80) 05/27 12/01 Opening Second 14.5 Miles - Memorial Weekend
Open McKinley Grove Road (11S40) 05/01 12/01  
Open Peterson Mill Road (10S02) 01/01 12/31  
Open Peckinpah-Whisky Falls (FR 8S09) 05/01 12/01 Watch for hazards
Open Providence Creek (10S17) 01/01 12/31  
Open Raymond/Goat Meadow (Hwy41) 04/15 12/01 Pack it in  and Pack it out/ No Services -  CLOSES WITH SNOW
Open Rock Creek (9S09) 04/15 12/01  
Open Rodgers Ridge (11S07) 07/01 10/01 Not maintained, Hazard Trees
Open Ross Crossing (10S24) 04/15 12/01  
Closed San Joaquin Railroad Grade (8S08) 01/01 12/31  Due to Construction
Open Sky Ranch Road (FR 10) (6S10) 01/01 12/31

 Watch for Hazards/ Rough road/ Large Pot Holes

Open Sky Ranch Road/Beasore Loop (6S10X) 04/15 12/15  Snow  - OSV Okay
Open Stump Springs Road (7S05) 03/01 12/01 Mile post 8, down to one lane. 
Open Whisky Falls Road (FR 8S70) 04/15 12/01 Along 4S81-7S07/Trailers Not Advised
Closed Chowchilla Mtn. Road (5S09) 01/01 12/01  


All drivers are reminded to obey all traffic laws in the designated construction zones, and speed limits.

For more information on this project and alternate routes through the forest please contact the Bass Lake Ranger District at 559-877-2218.

For more information on road conditions please contact our Offices.

WINTER DRIVING in the Sierra National Forest, may require tire chains & cables - Be prepared for rapidly changing conditions: Chain control is in effect in the Sierra National Forest when roads are snowy and slippery, which may be any time, usually November through April. State law requires ALL vehicles (including 4-wheel/all-wheel drive) to carry tire chains or cables when entering chain-control areas (CA Vehicle Code, Section 605, Sections 27450-27503).  To find more information on current road conditions and chain requirements please follow this link to Caltrans Quick Map.