Forest Roads Current Conditions

Forest Road Current Conditions  as of April 19, 2018

Status Road Comments
Open Minarets Road (FR) 81 Sierra Vista Scenic Byway (4S81) Scenic Byway loop may not be open all the way around, some and Ice & Snow may exist.
Open Beasore (FR 7) from Bass Lake (5S07) SNOW on upper Beasore 4x4, Chains/Mud, Snow
Open Big Creek (10S02) Open All Year
Closed Big Fir Road (10S13) Open 5/1 thru Closing12/1
Open Black Rock (11S12) Open All Year to campground, closed north of campground.
Open Central Camp (6S42) Closes on 12/15
Closed Courtright (10S16)  
Open Dinkey Creek Road (Fresno County) Open All Year
Open Dinkey-Trimmer (10S69) 10S69 From Trimmer North Open All Year, (Opens 5/20 from Dinkey Creek Rd.)
Open Garnet Dike (12S01)  Open All Year, Rough road high clearance recommended
Closed Grizzly Road (FR 6S01) Cattleguard near Beasore Meadow
Closed Huntington Lake Road Closed to wheeled Traffic 12/1
Closed Kaiser Pass Road (5S80) Closes 12/01 Open to Elephant gate - CLOSED ABOVE until snow melts.
Closed McKinley Grove Road (11S40) Closes 12/01 
Closed Patterson Mtn. Road (10S24)  
Closed Peckinpah-Whisky Falls (FR 8S09) Storm Damage Road Washed Out "DANGER" See Forest Order 05-15-00-17-19
Open Providence Creek (10S17) Open All Year
Open Raymond/Sno Play (Hwy41) Pack it in  and Pack it out/ No Services SNOW Chains required/Limited Parking
Open/closed Rock Creek (9S09) Closed from Tamarack snowpark (hwy168) Open to Bald Mtn. turn off from Dinkey Creek Rd.
Closed Rodgers Ridge (11S07) Open 07/01 thru Closing 10/01
Closed Ross Crossing (10S24) Open 5/01 thru Closing 12/15
Open/Closed San Joaquin Railroad Grade (8S08) See Forest Order 05-15-00-17-10
Open Sky Ranch Road (FR 10) (6S10) Railroad Fire See Forest Order 05-15-51-17-21 West of Sky Ranch remains Closed
Open Sky Ranch Road (6S10X) Railroad Fire See Forest Order 05-15-51-17-21 West of Sky Ranch remains Closed
Closed Stump Springs Road (7S05) 4 miles up, road Hazards. Can get to W Kaiser. See Forest Order 05-15-00-17-19
Closed Whisky Falls Road (FR 8S70) Along 4S81-7S07/No Trailers