Hazard tree and vegetation removal

Contact(s): Olivia Roe, Ray Acker

Hazard Tree Removal McKinley Grove Botanical Area

Hazard tree and vegetation removal for the Mckinley Grove Botanical Area beginning


Prather, CA., February 06, 2020 – Sierra National Forest officials announce their plans to begin an extensive hazard tree and vegetation removal project for the McKinley Grove Botanical Area on the High Sierra Ranger District. 

The McKinley Grove Botanical Area is a grove of Giant Sequoias (Sequoiadendron Giganteum) located along the McKinley Grove Road on the High Sierra Ranger District. The grove in total encompasses approximately 300 acres, where about 200 Sequoias can be found. In the past the Sierra National Forest has performed the removal of encroaching white fir in the grove with treatments of over 100 acres. 

Fuels have accumulated and white fir and cedar have continued to encroach in the botanical area over the years. In addition, the botanical area experienced elevated insect-induced mortality of pine and fir species creating hazard trees within the McKinley Grove Picnic Site, a day use area that receives high visitor use from spring thru fall, and has been closed due to the increased risk to public safety.

To address these hazards, the High Sierra Ranger District is beginning the implementation of hazard tree removal work within 30 acres of the McKinley Grove. This work will surround the heavily visited day use area and picnic site in hopes to mitigate hazard trees within the area. 

This treatment will include:

• The falling of any Hazard trees within a 30 acre perimeter around the picnic, and trail area

• Removal of logs from the area

• Removal of previously felled roadside hazard logs left in the area

Work will be performed in a manner that avoids contact with existing Sequoias, protects infrastructure and amenities (bathrooms, picnic tables, signs) and avoids current large downed sequoia logs around the interpretive trail at the site. It is anticipated that work will be completed before the area is open to the public.

For more information regarding the work that will be done or the about the Mckinley Grove Botanical Area please contact the High Sierra Ranger District at 559-855-5355.