Aspen News Release #3



Release July 26. 2013 Time: 7:00 AM

Incident Statics


Acres Burned:             4500                                                                            Structures Threatened:            3

Containment:              0%                                                                               Structures Damaged:              0

Fire Start Date:           July 23, 2013                                                               Injuries:                                   0

Fire Cause:                  Lightning                                                                    Total Personnel:                      858

Cost to date:               $1.5 million




  • The Aspen Fire was discovered on July 23, 2013. The Fire is located within the Sierra National Forest in Fresno County and is approximately seven miles North of Big Creek. It is currently burning off Stump Springs Road, North of Aspen Springs.


  • The fire cause of the Aspen Fire has been determined to be lightning. On weekend of July 20, 2013, The Sierra National Forest - High Sierra Ranger District, received a significant amount of lightning activity which resulted in 15 separate wildfires. The Aspen Fire is the largest of these lightning caused fires.


Fire Update

  • Firefighter and public safety remains the highest priority.
  • The fire burned actively throughout the night. Fire crews will continue to construct handlines and aircraft will be utilized when possible. Visibility is hampering aircraft activity. Heavy smoke and steep terrain makes access to the fire difficult.
  • Smoke from the Aspen Fire continues to impact air quality in local communities. Individuals sensitive to smoke are advised to remain indoors and keep windows closed to minimize exposure to smoke. For more information regarding smoke visit:
  • The South Central Sierra Interagency Incident Management Team assumed command of the Aspen Fire at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, July 24, 2013. The team is working with the Sierra National Forest to manage the fire suppression efforts.

Road and Trail Closures

  • Stump Springs Road. Trail closures in the Kaiser Wilderness with the public being warned of the dangers of hiking trails in proximity of the fire.


Additional campground closures went in to affect today as a precautionary measure. Campground closures within the Sierra National Forest are as follows:

Sample Meadow                                                                           West Kaiser

Jackass Rock Organization                                                           Lower Chiquito

Little Jackass                                                                                 Soda Springs

Placer                                                                                            Sweet Water

China Bar                                                                                      Rock Creek

Rancheria                                                                                      Badger Flat

Midge Creek

Cooperating Agencies include

The US Forest Service, Fresno County Sheriff, Madera County Sheriff and the California Highway Patrol.


For more information on this press release or if you have questions regarding the information, please contact the Aspen Fire Information line at (559) 893-7018. Updated information can also be obtained at or by following the Sierra National Forest Twitter Account:@sierra_nf