Pets in the Forest & Wilderness


Domestic pets are allowed in the Sierra National Forest and wilderness areas. You are responsible for their actions at all times, as well as, their welfare. Pets should either be leashed on a leash no longer than eight feet or under direct voice command and control. When camping in areas or campgrounds with other forest visitors, pets must be kept on a leash or tether.

Wilderness visitor’s who plan to travel into an adjacent National Park should be aware that National Parks Do Not Permit Pets on any trail.

We ask the public to remember these rules when bringin pets into the forest or wilderness areas. 

  • Pick up behind your pet when in public areas and be sure to bury feces when in the wilderness. 
  • Do not tie up dogs and leave them unattended.
  • Do not allow dogs to chase wildlife.
  • Leave unfriendly or loud dogs at home. 

For any other questions please click the following link.  Canine Camper