Watershed Analysis Documents

The following watershed analyses are available from the Salem District of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) website's Watershed Analysis page.

  • Benton Foothills Watershed Analysis
  • Lobster-Five Rivers Watershed Analysis
  • Lower Alsea Watershed Analysis
  • North Fork Alsea Watershed Analysis
  • Salmon-Neskowin Watershed Analysis
  • South Fork Alsea Watershed Analysis

What are Watershed Analyses?

The Northwest Forest Plan (NFP - USDA/USDI 1994) was developed to maintain and restore the ecology of federal lands within the range of the northern spotted owl, focusing on older forests (Late Successional Reserves) and watershed health (Aquatic Conservation Strategy - ACS). To accomplish this goal, forests are required to prepare Watershed Analysis documents.

A watershed analysis is intended to:

  • Provide site-specific information to meet ACS objectives in future project planning
  • Provide the basis for restoration and monitoring programs for terrestrial and aquatic species,
  • Provide the foundation from which Riparian Reserves (streamside zones) can be delineated.

Watershed analyses generally follow the outline described in the updated Federal Guide for Watershed Analysis - Ecosystem Analysis at the Watershed Scale (Federal Guide - Version 2.2, August 1995). Recommendations for maintaining and restoring natural processes on National Forest lands can be included to help guide future project planning. Opportunities for restoration on private land can also be discussed; private landowners and other organizations can use this information to support projects outside Forest Service jurisdiction.

A watershed analysis is not a decision-making document. Future project planning will use these documents as a starting point, however new information, environmental or policy changes, and/or site-specific conditions could lead to new findings and recommendations. The documents should be considered iterative; new information will be incorporated as it becomes available.


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