Care about how federal dollars are spent? Siuslaw National Forest seeks Resource Advisory Committee members

Contact(s): Siuslaw National Forest Public Affairs, 541-750-7075

Each year a diverse group of citizens comes together to determine how hundreds of thousands of federal dollars should be distributed among local communities for natural resources, restoration, recreation, and road projects. The Siuslaw National Forest is seeking new members for the Siuslaw Resource Advisory Committee, where committee members can have a direct impact on where and how those dollars are spent.

Resource Advisory Committees, commonly referred to as RACs, are composed of a cross-section of national forest stakeholders, including tribal and government agencies, non-profit organizations, industry, recreation and environmental groups, along with members at-large. Together, they recommend to federal lands leaders how to distribute funds authorized under Title II of the federal Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act.

 “If you care about how federal dollars are invested across the landscape, both on and off federal lands, then we invite you to consider serving on the RAC where you can help us make these important decisions. We’re encouraging people from all backgrounds to apply so that we can have a broad spectrum of perspectives on the committee,” said acting Siuslaw National Forest Supervisor Angie Elam.

The RAC typically meets once a year in Corvallis to review project proposals and to make their recommendations to the Forest Service. Between meetings, there are occasional optional field trips to learn about and monitor Title II projects.

No special experience is required to serve on the RAC. To inquire about joining, contact the Siuslaw National Forest’s Public Affairs office at 541-750-7075. Additional information is available at

Composition of the committee

The Siuslaw RAC has up to 15 voting members, plus three replacement non-voting members, who represent a broad and balanced spectrum of interests across three categories specified in the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act legislation. The Siuslaw National Forest strives to have a RAC that represents the full diversity of the country and encourages individuals from non-traditional forest user groups, such as ethnic minorities and individuals from lower economic classifications, to apply to serve on the RAC.

In accordance with Section 205 (d)(2) of the Act, a RAC will be composed of:

Five persons who

(i) represent organized labor or non-timber forest product harvester groups;
(ii) represent developed outdoor recreation, off highway vehicle users, or commercial recreation activities;
(iii) represent energy and mineral development interests; or commercial or recreational fishing interests;
(iv) represent the commercial timber industry; or
(v) hold Federal grazing or other land use permits, or represent nonindustrial private forest land owners, within the area for which the committee is organized.

Five persons who represent

(i) nationally recognized environmental organizations;
(ii) regionally or locally recognized environmental organizations;
(iii) dispersed recreational activities;
(iv) archaeological and historical interests; or
(v) nationally or regionally recognized wild horse and burro interest groups, wildlife or hunting organizations, or watershed associations.

Five persons who
(i) hold State elected office (or a designee);
(ii) hold county or local elected office;
(iii) represent American Indian tribes within or adjacent to the area for which the committee is organized;
(iv) are school officials or teachers; or
(v) represent the affected public at large. 

Members shall reside within the state in which the committee has jurisdiction and, to the extent practicable, provide local representation in each category.