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Opportunity to learn about, share ideas related to future restoration project

The Siuslaw National Forest is seeking public input to help develop a proposal to restore parts of the Deadwood Creek watershed. Community members are invited to attend a public meeting to learn about and share thoughts on possible future restoration work near Deadwood, Oregon.

“Like other restoration projects we’ve been able to do in the Coast Range, we’re hoping to improve water quality, forest health, and overall habitat while also putting some local folks to work in the woods,” said Michele Jones, Central Coast District Ranger. “In order to develop a proposal that meets these objectives as well as addresses needs and concerns of the local community, we’d like to hear from our neighbors and other interested citizens early in the process.”

Similar projects in the past have included activities such as noxious weed removal; thinning young, dense, planted forested areas in order accelerate the development of wildlife habitat as well as to provide commercial timber products; replacing undersized culverts with structures that fish are able to pass through; decommissioning old logging roads that are causing resource damage and are no longer needed; and arranging wood and logs in streams to create fish habitat.

The public meeting will be held Tuesday, June 26, from 6 – 8pm at the Deadwood Community Center (91792 Deadwood Creek Road). This meeting is the first of multiple opportunities people will have to learn about and provide input on the project from proposal development through decision.

Capacity at the community center is limited. If you plan to attend the meeting, please RSVP to Donni Vogel, project leader, at (541) 563-8416 or dvogel@fs.fed.us, by June 15. For any questions, concerns, or ideas related to this project please contact Michele Jones, district ranger, at (541) 563-8445 or mhjones@fs.fed.us.