Siuslaw National Forest to begin fall pile burning

Contact: Lisa Romano


Corvallis, OR: The onset of cool, damp fall weather is allowing firefighters to begin fall burning activities on the Siuslaw National Forest. This includes burning piles of debris and limbs that have accumulated throughout the year from timber sales and large-scale restoration projects. Starting as early as October 8th and continuing into the beginning of November, trained firefighting personnel will ignite the pile fires when fire danger is low and monitor them to ensure fires do no spread outside the immediate vicinity. Burning these piles of debris and limbs is one of the most effective ways to remove non-merchantable wood debris on the forest before it can become a hazardous fuel in the dry summer months.


Pile burning operations are planned on both Hebo and Central Coast ranger districts over the next two months as conditions allow. Members of the public may encounter smoke associated with these burns. If unsure whether smoke or a fire is from a planned pile burn, citizens can contact their local fire department or the Eugene Interagency Communication Center at 541-225-6400 for more information.