Special Forest Products

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Forest Products include firewood, mushrooms, transplants, Christmas trees, cones, and boughs. They are forest resources not associated with timber sale contracts but are used for personal, commercial, and scientific purposes.


  • Usually required for personal and commercial uses
  • Most personal and all commercial permits require a fee
  • Permit prices and duration vary, depending of type forest product
  • Failure to have a permit may result in a fine
  • Permittee must be 18 years of age or older

Information Needed to Buy Your Permit

  • Valid photo identification (state drivers license, state id, passport, greencard.)
  • Current address
  • Information on the vehicle that will be used to harvest the product (license number, year, make, model, color)

When and Where to Buy a Permit

Please call ahead to check for the availability of the product you wish to harvest. Harvest may be restricted by quantity, method, location, season, or time of year.

Download Request for Forest Product Permit (for permits in Central Coast Ranger District, Waldport Office ONLY)

Do Your Part

  • Harvest products in a caring and ecologically sound way
  • Follow the terms and conditions on your permit
  • Harvesting is prohibited in Botanical Areas, Research Natural Areas, Scenic Areas, and Wilderness Areas
  • Please only harvest plants that are on the list of plants.  Harvesting rare, threatened, or endangered plants is ILLEGAL

Product and Price Lists

Hebo Ranger District Forest Products Quick Check List (8/13/19)

Central Coast Forest Products Quick Check List (8/13/19)

Plants Approved For Harvesting With a Forest Product Permit


Commercial Matsutake
Other Commercial Species
Incidental Use

Big Leaf Maple
Bitter Cherry
Red Alder
Shore Pine
Sitka Spruce
Western Hemlock
Western Red Cedar

Blue Elderberry
Douglas Spirea
Dwarf Oregon Grape
Evergreen Huckleberry
Labador Tea
Red Elderberry
Red Flowering Current
Red Huckleberry
Salmon Berry
Thimble Berry
Twin Berry Vine Maple



Bracken Fern
Deer Fern
Lady Fern
Licorice Fern
Sword Fern

Baltic Rush
Green Sedge
Salt Rush
Slough Sedge

False Lily-of-the-valley
False Solomon's Seal
Oregon Iris
Oxeye Daisy
Pearly Everlasting
Queen Anne's Lace
Wood Sorrel
Wood Violet